Reviewing Angelcare Baby Monitor

We have had two versions of this monitor now. The first one we bought when my first daughter was born and used the monitor for both her and my second daughter. Then we bought the newer version for when my son was born as the aerial on the baby unit had snapped on our original monitor in a house move. 

This monitor comes with parent unit, baby unit and movement pad sensor. It is really easy to use and install. The movement sensor pad goes underneath the mattress of the cot or cot bed and the wire goes out underneath the cot. This wire is then plugged into the baby unit. The sensor pad detects any slight movement of the baby, including gentle breathing, and if no movement is felt for 20 seconds an alarm sounds. This alarm is very reassuring for new parents worried about their babies stopping breathing for a few seconds. 

One issue we had with the sensor pad was that we put the pad at one end of the cot, but when the baby got bigger and moved about a bit, the pad would set off the alarm when the baby moved to the other end of the cot. Therefore I would recommend putting the pad in the middle of the cot as it can then sense the baby wherever it is in the cot. 

The monitor has two different settings, one with the sensor pad and one for just sound only. Once our children have gotten older, we have removed the sensor pad and just used the sound only part of the monitor. The only problem we have found with the monitor is that sometimes you can get some interference from the parent unit, but there are two channels to choose from. Switching channels does seem to reduce the interference noise slightly. 

Both the baby unit and the parent unit can be operated via mains power or via batteries. So if you are worried about a power cut, then simply put some batteries in both units and they will still work during power cuts. 

There is also the option to make the pad more or less sensitive and there are 5 sensitivity settings on the baby unit. 

I would definitely recommend this baby monitor for all new parents who are worried about leaving their baby alone in their own room and who are worried about the baby stopping breathing. This monitor gives you the peace of mind that if anything should happen to your baby, the alarm will sound and give you a warning that something has happened.