Review of Huggies Pure Wipes

I purchased my first pack of Huggies Pure Wipes when my daughter was a few months old. I was out and about at the time and ran out of wipes – I saw Huggies on a buy-one-get-one-free deal and decided to try them out.

The three main reasons I hadn’t tried Huggies wipes before were Huggies are generally more expensive than some other brands, Huggies didn’t usually do as many good deals as other brands and most importantly, I was happy enough with my usual brand.

Huggies Pure Wipes come in a strong, plastic, rectangular, red and blue pack and hold 72 wipes. The top of the pack where the wipes are dispensed have a resealable tab. However if you forget to reseal the tab or if the tab looses its stick then the top few wipes tend to dry out and are ruined. The wipes aren’t as easy as some other wipes to dispense and seemed to be attached to each other, so instead of pulling out 1 wipe you pull out 5 wipes.

The wipes themselves looked thicker and more fabric-like than most wipes and had teddies embossed all over them. They were alcohol free and perfume free and promised not to irritate my baby’s skin, which they didn’t. Some people might prefer non-fragranced wipes for whatever reason but I don’t – I find nice smelling wipes make the job a lot sweeter!

The wipes contained 70 – 80% water which meant they were just like using cotton wool and water, which let’s face it – is a really good thing, particularly for newborns and sensitive skin. They’re also supported by The British Skin Foundation (there is a stamp on the front of the pack to prove it).

The first time I tried them I was surprised at how watery they were – they just glided across my baby’s bottom. They were good at cleaning up wee and small amounts of soft poo but when faced with thick poo or large amounts of soft poo it was a messy affair!

I found that the wipes just weren’t strong enough for thicker poos and were tearing when some force applied. I also noticed that the wipes were leaving little bits of fabric all over my baby’s skin. The same applied when I used the wipes on my face and hands to remove make-up etc.

When I used the wipes for large amounts of soft poo (which babies do a lot of) they just seemed to smear it all over the place rather than clean it up. Once the job was finally done I had gone through absolutely loads of wipes.

Huggies just didn’t do the job for me but they never once left my baby with any kind of nappy rash or irritation, so I can’t fault them on that.

I brought my Huggies Pure Wipes in Boots but they are available in all good supermarkets, chemists etc. You can look at paying £2.00 – £3.50 for a single pack of Huggies Pure Wipes, although it’s worth looking out for offers (Buy-one-get-one-free, half price etc).

I am a fan of Huggies nappies, but these wipes certainly aren’t the best wipes on the market and I shall be sticking to my usual brands in future.