Review of Huggies little Walkers

Huggies Little Walkers are nappies which you can pull up and down like pants or knickers.

You put the Little Walkers on when your child is standing up by putting their feet into the leg holes and pulling them up into place. They also have sticky sides which enable you to take off the nappy pants and put on new nappy pants without having to remove trousers and shoes. In my experience the sticky sides also make it easy to change your child whilst they are sleeping and also enable speedy changes when out and about. The sticky sides don’t lose their stick so you can undo and redo them as much as you like. The disadvantages of the sticky sides are that they are very easy for little fingers to operate and I often catch my daughter trying to remove her Little Walkers!

They are much easier and convenient to put on that regular nappies – the nappy pants are designed for toddlers and everybody knows how much toddlers hate laying down and having their nappy changed. These little creations are perfect for toddlers who squirm and scream at the very sight of a nappy change.

Huggies Little Walkers have a super-stretchy, flexible waistband and leg holes so they fit my child’s body perfectly – not too big, not too small and therefore comfortable and avoids leaks.

The Little Walkers absorb just like regular Huggies nappies. I have never had any problems with Huggies nappies and have always been pleased with their performance.

The thing I find great about Huggies Little Walkers are that they get toddlers used to the idea of wearing pants and allows them to pull the pants up and down by themselves, thus making it much easier during potty training. I couldn’t imagine potty training with regular nappies, whereas Little Walkers couldn’t be any easier – go to potty, pull down pants, do the duty and pull them back up again – all by themselves.

Huggies Little Walkers are available at all good supermarkets and can usually be found mixed in with the regular nappies.

They come in economy packs of 34-42 (depending on the size – sadly the bigger the size the less nappies you get in a pack) which generally cost between £8.00 – £9.00 and smaller carry packs of 18-22 which generally cost between £5.00 – £6.00. Nappies can work out costly so it’s worth looking out for offers.

They come in 3 different sizes – size 4 (15 – 34 lbs), size 5 (32 – 40 lbs) and size 6 (35 – 50 lbs). Because you can’t adjust the size of the pants like regular nappies, you must ensure that you buy the correct size.

The Little Walkers are unisex and each size has the same designs on. I believe the pictures change every now and again but the current design is Winnie The Pooh. They look very cute and fans of Tigger and Pooh will be very pleased indeed.

Huggies Little Walkers can be worn all day long, even in bed and I highly recommend them to all parents with toddlers who can’t stand nappy changes and love their new found independence.