Returning to work after having a baby

Many women in today’s society are faced with a very important choice: should they face the guilt and return to work, or stay at home and raise their new child?

While making their decision there are many key factors that need to be discussed. Both choices take a lot of planning and care, and both have many questions that need to be answered.

Deciding to cut yourselves down to one income weighs very heavily on your partner. Make sure you talk this over extensively with him first before deciding to make the big jump from career woman to stay at home mom all by yourself. Also, be sure and plan out your budget so that you can take into account how much your life will change based on one income instead of the original two. Are you prepared to have to cut back on things? Is your partner going to have to work more hours, or possibly get a second job? How much strain will this put on your relationship?

Some jobs will allow you to work at home, but not all. There are also places scattered throughout the Internet that offer to let you work from home. Unfortunately most of these are scams, and it takes time to weed through all the junk to get through to the worthwhile jobs.

If you decide to return to work, who will care for your child during those long hours? Many new moms have the option of passing their children off to a grandmother or sister in law, but what happens when that is not an option? Picking a good day care facility is tough, and there are many things you have to watch for and be aware of. As long as you are observant and pay close attention to the small details you should be fine.

Another factor is the cost. Daycare costs can be pretty horrendous if you want the best care for your child, but there is good news. Many states offer assistance to families for childcare expenses. Also, the money you spend on daycare is tax deductible up to two thousand dollars per year. These examples don’t alleviate the total burden but they do help.

Deciding on whether or not to stay home or return to the workforce takes a bit of time, patience and planning. Don’t feel guilty if you decide to return to the workforce instead of staying at home. There will still be plenty of time to love and bond with your child. Just make sure that you do your homework before you make your decision, and enjoy your little one for as long as you can.