Respect is an Important Family Component – Yes

Mutual respect is a necessary component in any relationship and especially for the family environment. Mutual respect fosters effective communication and the benefits of getting along well with other family members sans the drama and arguments. Respect is a demonstration of love. The various opinions and views of each family member should always be respected by members of the family. The structure and integrity of the family environment relies on honesty and respect.

Respect disrupts aggressive behavior and calms the tone of hostile eruptions. A family should always conduct themselves in a respectful manner  towards one another. Alas,some families may consist of irrational, disrespectful members. In this case, the primary concern should be the preservation of the family.

Honesty and respect walk hand in hand to build a fortress against outside negativity. The unity of any family depends on this concept. There are many words that come to mind when you think of a family. Love and respect should be among those words. The components of a successful family relationship must include respect because it establishes the continuity of the family.

The children in the family should always be respectful towards their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles  or cousins regardless of the family dynamic. A child may not care for a particular relative. However, respect for that relative is a requirement.  The family is the wellspring of productive relationships.

A family that endorses the value of respect, will pass on that value in their business endeavors, in the schools and in social settings. In essence , the family is a microcosm of society. It stands to reason, if mutual respect is lacking in a family environment, then it will be lacking outside of the family environment. 

Respect is a learned behavior and what better place to learn this behavior, than in the family environment. The common phrase “with all due respect” is intended to mitigate the effect of an expression or disagreement, or criticism. How many families really practice  this creed?  Let’s get back to basics and respect one another, especially those people that we identify as family.

A family might start by speaking to one another in a respectful manner. They might respect the property of others. A family member might value and respect the time of others. Perhaps you may have hosted a family dinner and the family members didn’t bother to call to say they would not be attending.. It’s apparent they did not value or respect the time it took you to prepare the dinner for the family. This may seem like a minor infraction or forgetfulness. But, in truth it’s a lack of respect and disregard for your feelings and time. Respect is a necessary component of a family.