Researching Ways to Save Money on Childcare

The best way to cut down on childcare without having to rely upon Grandma is to do your research properly before taking on the activity which means you can’t look after your child. If you look into all the options available then you should hopefully find the best possible option for you which will not cost over your budget.

An important thing to consider is whether or not your partner is able to be flexible. If the job or course that you are doing conflicts with whilst he is at work is it possible for his employer to be flexible with his working. Some employers are able to condense working hours into less days enabling a day or two free during which your partner can take on childcare responsibilities. Perhaps their employer is also able to offer the option to work from home and the work is fine to be conducted whilst a child is around. This may put extra pressure on your partner but if it is possible then it is a great option.

Another option is to research into all of the childcare places properly- some nurseries offer discounts if your child attends for a full week so this may work out more financially viable for yourself. Other nurseries may offer you a discount if you have more than one child there, again resulting in a saving of money. It is also worth noting which childcare providers offer free food and free nappies/wipes as this could save you money on a weekly basis.

Perhaps you could consider a childminder instead of a nursery. Sometimes childminders are cheaper than nurseries as they have less overheads to pay. They may also be more flexible which may make childcare more manageable for you.

Always research what perks your course institution or job offers. Some institutes offer free childcare for up to a certain amount of hours if you fullfill a number of criteria. This is not always the case but it certainly is worth looking into.

It is very difficult looking for childcare and money is always an issue which comes up but we can’t always rely on Grandma and so it’s very important to research fully what is out there and how it can save us money when it comes to childcare. If you do your research properly and have a good look around you should be able to make savings in places which you may not have realised.