Remove Stretch Marks

Prevent/Remove stretch marks

Pregnancy is beautiful; stretch marks, well… not so beautiful. For years in Africa, the secret to preventing stretch marks has been passed from generation to generation. The secret is cocoa butter.

It is from the cocoa beans, roasted and cold pressed to produce high quality, unprocessed cocoa butter, retaining its natural goodness and the all important properties for stretch mark prevention and removal. No wonder there are so many cocoa butter creams on the market…Wait! But, be careful- the pure cocoa butter is what you want not a mixture with other ingredients you do not know about, you don’t want a brand, you want the natural product that performs, you do not want a texturized product, you want the natural product with all its natural goodness, you want lovely, pure, natural cocoa butter.

It has a lovely chocolatey aroma, it will be light yellow/cream in colour, it will be quite solid but no worries, I’ll let you know how to apply it because it melts on contact with skin. To get the vital properties, it must be organic to make sure it had grown healthily having all the vital properties and nutrients it should have to give the best results; it must be cold pressed to make sure no nutrients and vital properties were lost whilst producing it.Lastly, it must be unrefined to make sure no nutrients where lost (the unrefined butter is best as refining draws out key nutrients.) With these in mind, you are ready to stop those stretch marks.

Application and where to buy:

1. Put the cocoa butter in a dry bowl

2. Place the bowl in an uncovered pot of boiling water. Do not, please do not place the cocoa butter directly into heat, many nutrients will be lost this way.

Key- Make sure the bowl is high enough to not let any water in. The aim is to let the heat from the boilng water to heat the bowl so the cocoa butter melts. The bowl is uncovered to ensure steam does not gather into water droplets, falling on the cocoa butter. Water is not suitable to be added to this product as it reduces its shelf life. Cocoa butter well stored keeps for 3 years at least.

3. Watch the cocoa melt. No need to stir.

You do not have to let it all melt whilst in heat, there can still be little lumps left as these will melt quite quickly even after you have removed the cocoa butter from the heat. The reason for leaving little lumps is because the reason the little lumps are left is because the cocoa butter is not overheated. This is good as overheating will cause some key nutrients to evaporate.

4. Remove the bowl of cocoa butter from the pot. Stir it with a wisk or fork making sure you melt the little lumps.

5. Place the cocoa in your storage container and cover. Leave to cool. The cocoa butter will solidify into a nice butter whilst still retaining its natural goodness.

6. Apply the luscious butter and see instant smoothness improvement of your skin, gradually feel your skin become more supple allowing it stretch further through pregnancy without unsightly marks and becoming more elastic to reduce any stretch marks already there. Apply day and night or after every shower/bath on required areas. Cocoa butter is recommended for the whole body as it is also an African secret to smooth skin, even skin tone and removal of dark spots caused by injuries, pimples and insect bites. Don’t believe it, look at any traditional African grandmother, you’ll see little to no spots, little to no wrinkles, likely no stretch marks, but just smooth skin (they are the ones that know the secret.)

Fun fact: Cocoa pods are shaped like a woman’s womb and the little cocoa inside is stuck to the internal lining of the cocoa pod like a fetus to a woman’s uteral lining. Cocoa butter is a pregnant woman’s essential for other very important reasons.

Where to buy (other stores are available online)