Regular bedtimes promote healthy sleep habits for children

When it comes to setting a bedtime for children, making it regular holds many benefits. Establishing healthy sleep habits early on is crucial for a child’s health and development. Good sleep allows for a child to be at their optimum best for the following day. A regular sleeping pattern promotes good, healthy sleep which will continue into adulthood. Learning how to sleep and fall into a deep slumber sets good habits for now and later life.

How does setting a regular bedtime benefit children?

Adjusting to sleep

Putting your child to bed at the same time each and every night allows her mind and body to become accustomed to the transition. The mind and body get to know when it is time to shut down and prepare for sleep. This allows your child to get off to sleep more easily, making more time for a prolonged sleep. There’s nothing worse than a child flailing about in bed restless, leaving parents flapping and worrying over their child. A smooth transition to sleep allows for a peaceful bedtime.

Improved sleep

Believe it or not, the mind and body settle into a better sleep pattern when time for bed is made regular. This allows for better sleep which is healthier for your child. Once the body adapts to sleeping at around the same time each night, sleep is improved. Deeper sleep gives your child better rest and allows for everything your child has learned that day to be absorbed. The mind and body get good rest and allow for restoration and healing from the day’s events.

Less fuss, more sleep

Many parents have experienced stressful bedtimes where the children won’t give in. A lot of fuss can be created at bedtime to prolong the activity. This reduces the amount of sleep your child gets, as well as consuming your free time for relaxing in the evening. Having to contend with a cranky child who is putting up a battle at bedtime is no fun for either of you. This also doesn’t allow your child to unwind and relax ready for sleep. Adopting a regular bedtime routine avoids all of this, and makes it an easier transition for both you and your child.

Make bedtime regular

Allow time each evening for the bedtime routine to take place. Decide what is right for you and your child and stick to this each and every night. Start by having time to tidy up, as this signals that the end of the day is nearing. Help or instruct your child to put away and tidy up, or you can actually be tidying away your own things alongside your child. You may wish to make the last activity of the day a quiet one. After that, a warm drink and bath can follow. Lower the lights and the noise levels to calm down ready for bed.

Regular bedtimes for children promote good sleep patterns. Healthy sleep allows your child to function at best as well as grow and develop healthily. Establishing healthy sleep routines now is essential for your child to be able to get quality sleep which can be carried on into adulthood. Learning how to settle to sleep and achieve healthy sleep habits is actually a skill and this doesn’t always come easily to everyone. However, making a bedtime routine and keeping it regular can allow your child peaceful rest each and every night.