Recommended Methods to Stop a Child from Stealing Crimes

Sometimes children do not accept no for an answer when told they cannot have something, and will take it upon themselves to get what they want anyway by stealing. When they decide to take something that does not belong to them and they get away with it the first time, they seem to get braver, and think that it is easy, therefore doing it more often. Eventually they are caught, and it is very upsetting as a parent to learn that their child is committing this crime. While this news is devastating, there are recommended methods, as listed below, to stop a child from stealing.

Whether a child is stealing from a store or money from their parents to purchase items that they want, it is important to reiterate how wrong it is to steal. Not only is it wrong, it is against the law, and if a store clerk or security catches them, sometimes they get the police involved. When a child is of an age where he or she knows right from wrong and knows what they are doing, it is important to make them aware of the consequences that could happen.

*When parents catch the child stealing, taking them back inside the store to return the item and making them admit to the crime, and asking the store clerk to talk to them often embarrasses them and gives them a scare. When a child is young enough, this will be a frightening experience, and perhaps they will think twice about stealing again.

*Tell the child when they are caught stealing that you are going to take them to the police department and let them tell the authorities that they stole. While this is a little drastic, if they think you will really do this, they will more than likely promise not to do it again. Usually the local police, if you talk to them about this, will lecture the kids about stealing, and the consequences that follow. However, the idea is not to make them afraid of the authorities, but to respect the law.

*When caught by a store worker or security and the police are called, ask the policeman to explain to them the seriousness of their actions, and if a child is caught stealing more than once, ask if they can arrange to take the child to a detention center or prison to let them see what it is like. Explain to them if they continue to steal, they too may end up being detained for their crime.

*Have the child work to pay for the item they stole. Let them do extra chores, or have them do community services, like cut the neighbors lawn, run errands or even clean up the local park or campground. Explain that they are doing this extra work because they stole, and they must pay for their wrongdoing. It also will teach them that if they want something, there are always ways in which to earn money to buy what they want instead of taking what is not theirs.

These recommended methods to stop a child from stealing will often work, but sometimes a child may steal simply because of the thrill of getting away with it. When they continue to steal regardless of the warnings and punishment, it could be a sign of a more serious nature and they may need counseling.

As parents, it is very important to take this offense seriously, and to put a stop to it at any cost. Many people who grow up and are in prison for stealing started at an early age. However, letting kids know that this behavior is not acceptable, making them accountable for their actions by administering the proper discipline, and allowing them to see that it is against the law and illegal to steal will hopefully put an end to this behavior.