Reasons why you shouldn’t take baby to the movie theater

While it may be extremely difficult to be separated from your cute little bundle of joy for a few hours, it is probably the better decision for both you, your baby and everyone else planning on seeing a movie.

It is true that babies bring pleasure and happiness to most whenever they are encountered, but not while trying to watch Jack rescue Rose from a bad engagement and a sinking ship. What sane person would willingly pay to watch a movie to listen to a baby cry intermittently for two hours? That crying youngster would much rather be at home with a sitter than in front of a giant screen omitting loud, uncomprehending noises.

The point of going to a movie is to escape reality for a couple of hours, but with a baby in tow it is impossible to do that. Unless of course he/she is the one perfect child in the world that never cries or needs any attention.

Everyone deserves the luxury of forgetting their problems for a little while, and by having screaming kids around (whether they are yours or someone else’s) that moment is sure to be short. Parents generally enjoy movies better when they don’t have to worry about their offspring needing a diaper change and the other guests won’t want to worry about it either. Since theaters don’t have pause and rewind, when you miss a scene to take care of the baby’s needs, you won’t be able to get it back. If you want that luxury you should probably head to the nearest movie rental store and not the cinema.

If you’re worried you won’t be able to find a sitter then why not rent a movie and plan to go out another night? That movie will most likely still be there next week, and if it isn’t, then it will be out on DVD in a few months. Alternatively, go see a Disney movie where there’s sure to be other noisy kids as well as your own. At least you’ll be comfortable knowing your young one isn’t the only kid making a noise.

Parents deserve a night out without the kids. It’s okay to go places without your children, and it helps you remember that you’re an adult. So call up that sitter or grandparent and plan on heading out for a night of fun and relaxation. You and everyone else will be happy you did.