Reasons why toddlers should help with chores

Toddlers are at an age and stage where they are learning, and absorbing information rapidly. They are at an impressionable age, where skills learned will be with them for a lifetime. It is important to instill healthy habits in toddlers to enable them to become strong independent individuals that have good self-esteem. A person’s self-esteem is essential, as it brings success and happiness to their life.

Chores are a good way to build on a toddlers self-esteem, as well as giving them independence, self-worth, responsibility and determination. Simple chores can be assigned to a toddler at a young age, and they can become more complex over time to expand on their skills. These are skills that are an integral part of life, and they build the foundation for self-esteem, as a toddler learns to believe in themselves.

Toddlers love getting involved, and partaking in daily tasks allows them to feel like an important part of the family. They are keen to learn, and they get great pleasure in having responsibilities. Assigning toddlers age-appropriate chores is a great way to build on their self-esteem, as they are able to take on simple responsibilities.

With this, they get to put their skills to good use to help with chores, which builds on their independence and confidence. In addition to this, they are learning important life skills, and the earlier they learn the better. These skills will stay with them, and build on their self-worth and self-esteem, as once they have completed a task they feel a sense of pride. They reap the praise which lets them know that they have done a good job, and this is great for their self-esteem.

It is important for a child to believe that they are capable of accomplishing tasks independently, and a great way to do this is through simple chores. Youngsters may already be a part of helping to complete chores, without any thought, as they are taught to pick up their own toys once they are capable. This may be one of the first chores that they are taught, and that is to tidy up after themselves.

Toddlers love to emulate their parents, and this leads them to doing chores. Children thrive on being able to feel capable and worthy individuals that can be relied on. Age-appropriate chores that are connected with what they are doing are already likely to be asked of them. As these simple chores are not seen as that, they are seen as helping and learning. That is just what toddlers get from helping with chores, they learn to have pride, and gain a feeling of being capable, which builds on their self-esteem.

Over time toddlers can be assigned with different chores to expand on their skills, and to continue building on their self-esteem. Chores are a part of everyday life, from learning how to take care of their personal needs, to learning how to clean up after themselves. Assigning them with simple chores keeps them busy, and allows them to feel like they are important.

It is always good to be challenged in life, and feel needed and important. Always give recognition and praise for their efforts, and never be tempted to correct or change anything that they have accomplished, as this takes away from their self-esteem. Knowing that they have done a good job and that they are contributing to the home and family makes them feel an enormous sense of self-worth.

Allowing toddlers to carry out simple age-appropriate chores allows them to become self-sufficient and dependable. Once children are capable of doing for themselves, they should be assigned simple chores to be able to build on their self-esteem. Doing for a child can make them feel incapable, and it can slow down their progression and development. Giving them responsibilities and entrusting them with chores gives them the opportunity to learn and expand on their skills.

These important life skills are the foundation to being successful individuals that have self-belief. They will be confident go-getter’s that achieve and accomplish great things in life. Give children the opportunity to try for themselves, and allow them to grow and have great self-esteem.