Reasons to be a Work at Home Mom

Females are taught early on the virtues of motherhood. If we are to have one goal that is ascribed to us by society from birth, it is to be a mother. We are also taught, if we are lucky, to be self-reliant and productive members of society. In the case of motherhood versus the working world, we are handed a double-edged sword. To be a mother, we have to make sacrifices; sacrifices that tend to come in the form of time spent away from work and loss of pay, loss of opportunity because it didn’t fit into our schedule, and loss of position, because our priority will always be our children. Most businesses do not accept playing second-fiddle well. Throughout history women have had to choose between one or the other, or pick a messy combination of the two. Technology, however, and increases in entrepreneurship by women, have expanded female opportunity.

Working from home has allowed mothers to avoid childcare costs, to develop flexible schedules that allow for work, play, doctor’s appointments and to avoid the stigma that comes from choosing to work or stay home to raise children. Most importantly, women who work from home don’t miss out on the good things . . . the little things: Bubble baths, bedtime stories, singing babies to sleep and nursing babes to health. We make the memories; we keep them. And our children will remember us always being there, even when we are swimming amass piles of work in our home office, and beating deadlines with a laptop in one hand and a sippy cup in the other.

Whoever coined the phrase, “Women do it all,” had it right. But if we work outside the home, our skill as mothers, as well as our devotion to our children, is questioned. If we are stay-at-home moms who are financially dependent upon someone else, we are considered unsuccessful. In our hearts we know this isn’t true. To bring another life into this world and make it your life’s duty to protect them and care for them is success. To work outside the home to feed and house our children, does not make us bad mothers. It seems a no-win situation, and has for a long time. In a world where we are compartmentalized in the extreme, we can side-step social stigma by having the best of both worlds by becoming work-at-home moms. It’s just a matter of multitasking and women are good at that.