Reasons to be a Work at Home Mom

Sometimes choices in life are hard. Moms with small children may decide that working at home is the best opportunity to bring in much needed income, and be able to look after their child. After all, why pay someone else to care for children and go out to work if there is indeed a viable option. Moms have a hard job balancing all the tasks involved with being a parent with work life, and cutting out the commute, and spending more time within the home environment gives a wonderful opportunity for a parent to work without compromising the care of their children.


If one was to examine the amount of time spent getting to and from work, the hours involved are lost hours within the life of a mom. She has to be at work by a set time, and therefore has to make arrangements to place her children somewhere safe before work, and pick the child up after work. Often this proves unsatisfactory because of the amount of hours involved. By working at home, this gives her quality time with the children, and adds hours to the day which would otherwise be wasted.


When a woman becomes a parent, she has no preconception of what parenting costs, nor the obligations of parenthood. Chances are that the little bundle of joy costs much more than anticipated. Many mothers choose to work from home because it gives them the income they need to provide their children with the support all children need, as well as retaining overall care of the child. Of course, income can be gained working for someone else within a work environment, though this displaces the mother and separates mother and child.

Time management

The role of a mom is complex and involves a lot on mundane things, which are hard to catch up with after a day at work. However, for the work at home mom, there is nothing to stop her running the washing machine while she works, stopping for breaks to deal with domestic duties, and not having to jam pack all those duties into the evenings and weekends. This also makes things easier for the parents in general, as the mom is not as tired from juggling too many jobs and roles. Often the mom resents having to place the child elsewhere, but also has expectations of her partner to do their share of chores. By working at home, the stress can be lessened, and expectations of their partner become more manageable.

Wanting to be with the child as they grow

Often women resent having to be separated from their child because of financial needs. By working at home, she is able to spend time with the child and watch each stage of them growing up. The amount of time that children are at home full time is limited to preschool years and holidays, and this means that the majority of the time when kids go to school, the mother can be very productive in the work that she chooses to do within the home, without it messing up routines.

The first step that a child takes shouldn’t be at a nursery. The first words they speak should be shared by the mom, as these are all turning points in the development of their baby which they can relish and enjoy as a work at home parent.


Often the old fashioned belief of a husband is that the wife stays at home. Although this may seem outmoded, it’s a natural reaction of a man to want to provide for his family. If a woman can find gainful employment within the home environment, this allows her a little independence from that role of domesticity and gives her something more to concentrate on than whether the baby needs changing. It helps to boost her confidence, keeps her in touch with working practice, and also in touch with the outside world.


With modern technology, opportunities exist where none existed before, allowing women to work from home rather than reverting to traditional domestic tasks associated with women workers. No longer do they have to take in washing, or mend other people’s clothing. They have choices. The Internet provides opportunity to sell things which they market, or to use their artistic talents to produce revenue. The opportunities available for stay at home moms are enormous and many are turning to this mode of revenue as an alternative to more mundane tasks.

The Internet often allows them to carry on their careers regardless of having to have a break to have children. If they are good at their job and can work at home and perform the same duties, then opportunity allows them to.

Today’s society

In today’s society, it is normal for a woman to seek a career. Gone are the days of restrictions. Often in some family circumstances, a woman is able to earn more than her husband and although role reversal may be an alternative, if this can be performed from home, the woman also gets the opportunity to spend prime time with the whole family, even if the husband is out of work. Sharing the duties of bringing up the family with a partner who may not be able to get work, the work at home mom is able to use her talents to provide for the family.


Being a parent doesn’t mean that a person is automatically a healthy person. Often mothers work from home because they suffer from illnesses which preclude working elsewhere. The modern world offers handicapped people a great opportunity to feel actively involved in being part of the working population, even though the mom may be home bound.

All in all, there are many reasons why moms choose to work from home, although those which have been outlined above give an overall idea of reasons they make this choice. Being a work at home mom creates an ideal situation for those who want to balance parenthood, socialization, and continuance of a career.