Reasons for fainting when pregnant

There can be many unwanted symptoms during pregnancy, however, some of these can be avoided and prevented if the correct care is taken. One such unwanted symptom can be fainting, which can be caused by many factors. The mother-to-be needs to take great care of her physical and mental well-being. Knowing the reasons can help prevent fainting from occurring during pregnancy to prevent any mishaps from happening.

Here is a look at some of the causes of fainting when pregnant:

Insufficient food and drink

It is important to eat and drink regularly during pregnancy to remain healthy and provide extra nutrients for the growing fetus. A nutrient-rich diet needs to be followed, with sufficient amounts of fluid to stay hydrated and nourished. Lack of food can cause low blood sugar, which can lead to feeling dizzy and can result in fainting. Consume small meals regularly with healthy snacks in between to stay nourished. It is easier to eat little and often during pregnancy, as opposed to eating heavy meals.


It is recommended that at least eight glasses of water should be consumed a day, and more during warmer weather or when physical activity takes place. Drinking sufficient amounts of fluid throughout the day increases hydration, as well as improving health and well-being. In addition, it decreases unwanted pregnancy symptoms, as well as carrying nutrients to the fetus. Lack of fluids can cause dehydration and exhaustion, which can lead to fainting. Carry a bottle of water everywhere to stay hydrated. Add a squeeze of fresh fruit or a slice of lemon to chilled water to provide a bit of flavor, and during warm weather add some crushed ice.

Getting hot and bothered

 It can be easy to overheat during pregnancy which can cause fainting. Keep cool during pregnancy to avoid feeling faint and dizzy. Wear light layered clothing that allows the skin to breathe and this allows a layer to be removed when feeling warm. Avoid staying in the sun for long periods of time, and find shaded areas to stay cool. Opt to have warm showers and baths instead of hot to avoid overheating. Carry a handheld fan and a bottle of water to help stay cool.

What to do when feeling faint

Feeling light headed and dizzy during pregnancy is quite common due to changes in pressure. Fainting indicates that there is a problem. During times when feeling faint, carefully lie down on the floor to avoid any damage from falling. Rest until the feeling passes, and if fainting should occur, remain still until you have gained composure. Slowly rise to the sitting position, and gradually stand. Take it easy, and move slowly to give the body time to adjust. If dizziness and fainting are accompanied by any other symptoms seek medical attention to find out the cause.

Feeling faint and dizzy during pregnancy is common; however, it is advisable to take it easy. During times when feeling faint, take extra care to avoid fainting. Lie on the floor, and rest until feeling well again. Take care to slow down a bit to avoid overexerting yourself, as the body already has extra demands that need to be met. Ensure to get plenty of rest, consume a healthy balanced diet and stay hydrated and cool to avoid fainting.