Reasons for Choosing an Open Adoption

Couples who are about to undertake the process of adoption may find it a bit confusing, especially when they’re doing it the first time. It’s natural to feel doubts or fears about the things that could happen after they adopt a child. One question that may set in is, “Will the adopted child be greatly confused with two set of parents?” and “How would this affect the emotional aspect of the child?”

Questions like these are inevitable for first time adopters. This is natural, since both parents are concern of the child and how he/she would react to the situation. However, first time adopters may find open adoption as an ease to the challenge they’re facing. Here are the reasons why you should go for open adoption.

– Open adoption can help both the adopters and adoptee to understand the reason behind the whole process.
The original parents will reveal the reason why they want to place their child for adoption. It’s either they’re not ready to raise the child on their own or they just want their child to experience a well-nurtured life that they can’t provide. Whatever the reason is, the adoption agency will provide all this information to the adopters. This will benefit both parties, since it can provide a hint to the new parents on what the birth parents are expecting for their child.

– Open adoption provides the genetic and medical background from the original parents.
Not only that it can provide the motive behind the adoption, but it can also give the genetic and medical information from the original family. Open adoption gives an opportunity for the adoptee to know this information from his/her birth parents through a call or a visit. This will greatly help the child understand his/her genetics and health condition as he/she grows up.

– Open adoption gives both parties the ability to communicate to each other directly.
Most of the time, the original parents are still greatly concerned about their child. Whatever their motive is, placing their child for adoption certainly became one of the greatest challenges they’ve faced as a couple. It’s natural to feel the urge of knowing how well the child had become after he/she was placed in the hands of a new family and environment. Open adoption gives both the adoptee and the birth parents to communicate directly, either through a phone call, email, or through a personal visit. This may help the emotional aspect of the child and can help them fully understand the situation. In addition to that, it can also bring peace to both the new and original parents, knowing the fact that the child is starting to adjust according to what is planned.