Rainy Day Toddler Activities

Toddlers love to run and play outdoors, but that isn’t possible on rainy days. It can be challenging to entertain your little one while cooped up; however, there are many different activities that can entertain him or her. Because toddlers tend to have short attention spans, you may want to try a variety of activities.


It is important to read to even the youngest of children. You can spend some time reading to your child on a rainy day. You could go to the library or read from your own collection at home. Try favorites such as Dr. Seuss.


They make games even for young toddlers. Some of these games are even educational, such as games that ask children to identify letters and numbers. Simple matching games are popular. You can also play your own games such as Simon says or freeze dance.


Toddlers love to help, and some enjoy being in the kitchen. Consider cooking something with your toddler. For instance, make cookies and let your child shape and decorate them. He or she will enjoy both making and eating.


Toddlers love to explore their creativity, and crafts can be a large part of this. There are so many different crafts, many of which can be done with minimal supplies, time and effort. For instance, you can use a paper bag and crayons to make a hand puppet. You can make several different puppets and then put on a puppet show.

Music time

Toddlers enjoy music, and there are a variety of ways to incorporate this into a rainy day activity. You and your child can simply sing songs together. You can play some music and have a dance party in your living room. You can get out some toddler instruments and put on a concert together.

Go out

Just because you can’t play outside doesn’t mean that you can’t travel to somewhere outside the home for a rainy day activity. Consider places conducive to toddlers such as children’s museums and bounce house rooms. There are even some indoor playgrounds that will give your child room to run around even during a rainy day.

Just because it is rainy does not mean that your toddler cannot have a fun and active day. Of course you may want to throw in an age-appropriate video at some point if your child is going stir crazy and you need a little break. Otherwise, consider the above activities for your day.