Rainy Day Activities for Young Children

Rainy days are great for curling up a cozy chair and reading. These days are peaceful and soothing. Except when you have young children, then these days can become nightmares. Young children get bored easily, so it is important to keep them busy with fun activities.

Here are some ideas:

Paint/Craft Time

Build a Tent

Play a Game

Read a Book

Start with the first activity, paint/craft time. There are no limits to what you can do here. Kids love to be creative and to make a mess. First make sure that the paint you are using is washable/ non-toxic paint. Find some old newspaper and spread it out. If you have an old shirt, let your child use that as a paint shirt. Get some paint brushes or sponges and some paper.

Using a paper plate you can make a paint plate for them so they do not mix the paint colors in the containers. Pour each color in a different part of the plate and you have it. After setting everything up, let them go. Children love to use their imaginations. This will keep them busy for a while. If it’s a craft you are after, then set everything up as above. Look around your house. Home crafts can be made out of everyday things. Q-tips, popcicle sticks, apples cut in half (apple prints), cotton balls, glue, paper plates. All of these can make something. Help your kid come up with something great.

Building a tent sounds like an outside activity, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need are some old sheets and safety pins. The tent can be built in any room and can be any size. When you and your child decide a location, begin. Spread the sheet out  and find chairs or other furniture to drape the ends of the sheet over. Secure the sheet with a safety pin. When the tent is finished, find a flashlight and prepare to have fun. Pretend with your child, there are no limits.

Games are a great way to keep young child occupied. There are many board games that are made especially for young children. If board games won’t keep your little one still, then here are some more ideas. Simon says keeps them laughing. Charades is another fun active game. Sometimes the best games are the ones that kids make up. Play, laugh.

Finally reading a book. Just like adults like to curl up with a mystery, kids love to snuggle close and have a favorite book read to them. Sometimes multiple times. Use funny voices for the characters, make them laugh while you are reading. Have fun.

Keeping your children busy is important on a rainy day, but keeping them happy is just as important. Doing different rainy day activities with your child will be fun for you as well as for them.