Rainy Day Activities for Young Children

When it’s raining, children often find themselves bored. They hear the monotonous pitter patter of the rain. If they were me, they would simply curl up in a warm spot and read a book. But, if they aren’t like me, then here are some activities they could try:

Telling Scary / Old Stories

This is a classic activity. Surely, there will be an old flashlight lying around somewhere and you could pass it around, lighting from the bottom of your chin to create an ominous feel. This is a great way to spend time as a family. Mom and Dad could tell old stories from when they were young or little folktales their parents told them.

Playing Board Games

This is another classic activity. You can play board games such as Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land etc. You can play as a family.

Paper Airplane Shooting Contest

Nothing’s wrong with a little competition with the people in your house. You can craft a paper airplane and go to the clearest room in the house. Then, you can toss the airplanes to see which airplane will go farther. It sounds kind of like a boring thing, but you’d be surprised how enticed you could get into the game and how fast the time passes. If an airplane gets damaged, have a little stack of paper just in case. Remember that it is friendly competition, so you should be a good sport.

Paper Wars

If you want your kids to get a little exercise, you could take a bunch of paper and crumple it all up. Then, you all take the amount of little balls of paper that you made. You can use that as your “ammo”. When the game begins, you rush as fast as you can to the nearest cover. Making sure you aren’t hit in the process. Then you try to hit as many people as you can. It’s not a competition. If you find yourself out of ammo, rush to take the fallen ammo from your “enemies” and continue the game. Remember not to hog all the paper balls to yourself or it will ruin the game.

Paper Dunk

The object of this game is to make as many baskets in a row as you can. One person can be the scorekeeper. You take an empty basket and 6 pieces of paper. The pieces of paper represent levels. Put the pieces of paper vertically from your nearest wall, all lined up. Put the basket on the piece of paper farthest from the wall. Then, make 3 little balls of paper. Now, stand on the opposite side of the wall with the 3 balls. Now, start throwing the ball to reach the basket. The scorekeeper will keep track of how many baskets you make. You get 3 tries. In order to make it to level 2, you must make all three baskets. The winner is whoever maid the most baskets in 10-20 minutes.