Rainy Day Activities for Children

“Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day!” The familiar lyrics of that old lament were most likely thought up by some frazzled mother with a handful of edgy, house-bound kids. It seems like good old Mother Nature is subject to PMS, too, so it’s imperative that you know what to do when she’s acting irrationally by forcing your active little ones to stay inside.

1. Hide-and-seek is a classic boredom-buster! Kids can practice counting and use their super-sleuth skills to ferret out even the most creative parent – and if they can’t find you, you’ve found yourself a top secret nook that may come in handy later.

2. There are more educational, kid-friendly websites than ever before. A quick hunt in your trusty search engine will yield dozens of results. Don’t feel like searching? PBSKids.org is bursting at the seams with printable coloring pages, activities and fun learning experiences for little ones of all ages.

3. Even though you’re not a bunch of Jim Hensons, you and your kids can make some really cool puppets out of the “single white male seeking single white female” socks in your laundry room. Pair them up with the homeless buttons and other miscellaneous stuff you haven’t thrown away and the kids will be busy until the stormy weather passes.

4. Haul out the flat sheets, pull the cushions off of the couch, and drag the dining room chairs into the living room. A fort is so much fun to make and hang out in, and everything can easily be put back into place before dinner.

5. The puzzle that’s been sitting in your closet collecting dust has been begging for a day like this. Clear a spot on the table so that your little ones can snap the pieces together on a solid surface and help them out if they get frustrated. edges first!

6. Old-fashioned coloring books can keep little ones busy for a while. If they get bored with trying to stay inside the lines, challenge them to trace different pictures and create a small story of their own instead!

7. Monopolize them with a board game or two. Operate on that chubby guy with water on the knee or double jump into the king’s spot – and never underestimate the enthralling power of sliding down chutes and climbing up ladders.

8. Teach them about your hobbies; while they may not be interested in the intricacies of crochet, they can learn how to make a simple hot pad or doll blanket.

9. It’s been a while since they’ve written to grandma, and she’d certainly appreciate a kid-crafted greeting card. All you need is construction paper, glue, scissors and markers – let their creativity shine!

10. Bake and decorate something that the whole family can enjoy after dinner. It’s fun to see what kids can do to a cupcake if you let them control the frosting and sprinkles – and you’ll burn off the extra calories when you’re cleaning up the mess.

If your kids have raced through everything you can think of and are still bored, use the classic cure that all of our parents used: “Well, if you’re REALLY bored then you can help me clean the house.” You’ll quickly discover that they’re more willing than ever to try one of your indoor activities – and nothing chases away the rainy day blues like having fun inside!