Racism among Students – No

Lets go back several years, to the time of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. Coloured children couldn’t interact with white kids and had to attend a separate school altogether. How about we revisit World War II? Jewish people, including children, were tortured and brutally murdered just because of their race. Humans have been maltreated by other humans due to race and religion all throughout our world’s history. But it wasn’t just the adults who were racists. Sadly, it was found among children too. Children discriminated against other children, just because they did not act or look like them, and were of a different race.We should never forget our history, even the horrendous parts of it, but we should definitely be proud to say that in this area we are now changing.

Today, you can walk into a regular high school in North America, and you would see a scene so different from what you would have seen had you been present a few years back. You would see children of all races talking and hanging out with each other. You stride into a classroom, and you would find that over half of those children were not born in the country that they live in. But yet, nobody is seen as lower and unworthy due to their race and culture. All students feel that it is not embarrassing to be from a different country, have a different religion or speak a different language. Instead, it is something that is a part of you, and makes you proud. Everyone values their classmates as individuals and respects whichever race they are. People are friends regardless of race. Teachers, have their own cultures and stories as well.

A high school, or any other school for that matter, functions differently now than in racist times. Children are taught to value others and treat every race with respect. Equality, and the simple yet true concept of “racism is wrong” is drilled into our minds starting as soon as we enter school, at a very young age. So, yes, by the time we get to high school, teens know what is right and what is wrong. It comes natural to us to respect other races. We understand the full meaning of equality and know, even subconsciously, that everyone should be treated the same regardless of what their race is. When we see someone in the hall, we think not of skin colour, language or traditions, but of that person as a student at our school; a part of our community.

I think that it is correct to say that overall we, as people, have managed to lower the rates of racism. Of course, racism can never be conquered completely. There are far too many prejudiced people to be able to confidently say that we have put an end to racism, but we can for sure say that we have grown since the racist times of our ancestors, and if not stopped, racism has at least been drastically decreased. And that is enough for now.