Putting together your baby’s memory book

Preparing a memory book for your baby is a fantastic idea. Both you and your child will enjoy it for a long time to come. Now that you have got a good book and have decided to get started, the question of what to include in baby’s memory-book arises.

To start with, write down facts about your baby’s birth. You might want to write them in a normal notebook or on a piece of paper, and later on write it nicely in the memory book. Facts can include things like weight and length at birth, the name of the hospital where baby was born, as well as the doctor who was present. It is better to write down too many things, you never know what little nuggets you will want to include later on. Which floor were you on? How many people came to visit you? As the baby grows, he will be happy to know these small things.

Continue this habit of writing down facts. The first tooth, first step, first everything are important to include. It is also interesting to record the favourite game, and toy. Is Daddy baby’s best friend? Later on, is it Mummy? Write it down! As baby is developing, record the changes.

Make sure to record your feelings at different times of baby’s development. How did you feel the first time you held him? When she took her first steps? Don’t just record the date, but your own feelings when you were carrying baby the whole night because of teething and how sorry you felt when you heard the heart-breaking cries. Also how proud you were when walking on the street together, a little hand firmly placed in your big one, and people commented on how cute baby is!

To accompany all these facts, you need to take a lot of pictures. Again, try to capture not only the special celebrations, but every day happenings. Take a picture of baby with porridge all over the hair, or crying with anger when you don’t want him to hold the camera! Include pictures of that favourite toy, as well as the doggy (who was the best friend for a while!). Get a photo editing programme, and prepare the pictures in a nice way with different effects. Remember, this memory book will be around for a long time!

Other things to include in baby’s memory book are a lock of hair, from the first hair-cut, the ID bracelets you wore in the hospital, the ultra-sound pictures, a piece of the first dress (unless you keep the whole dress…). In other words, almost anything that has to do with baby’s life.

A memory book is a keepsake, something that will give happiness for many years, for many people. Imagine your grandchildren looking through the memory book you so painstakingly prepared for your baby, asking you questions and commenting on the pictures. Putting some effort into making a memory book for your baby is so worth it.