Purpose of family meetings

Family meetings help to provide structure and communication among members of the family. Having regular meetings set a great platform in the area of organizational skills within the home. Family meetings give parents and children alike the opportunity to get to know one another more intimately.

If the children are school-aged ones, parents get to learn about their day or week spent in school. Children will be able to appreciate and better comprehend parents’ work outside the home.

In order to secure and maintain structure at family meetings, it is best to approach them like a business meeting; but, with love. As a result, it would be a good idea to consider and bear in mind the following points so as to have successful and orderly family meetings:


It is best for everyone to agree on the meeting at the same time and day. This will help to create commitment, as it will be etched in everyone’s brain. This way they are less likely to forget. 


An agenda will allow control over the topics and items to be discussed. The meeting will adhere to specific topics to be discussed; otherwise, everyone will be going off on different tangents. There has to be a purpose for the meeting. For example, some of the topics that may be up for discussion include:

Family travel

The family may be traveling for the summer holidays. Having a meeting will allow everyone to make decisions on their destination and accommodation. Moreover, each family member can choose or be assigned an area to carry out research, for example, securing accommodation.

Culinary needs

The daily/weekly dietary needs is always a great time to have a weekly meeting. Based on the age and strength of each child, parents can have each family volunteer or assign a task. For example, one child could be responsible for setting the dinning table; and one could be responsible for scouring the Internet for coupons.

Record keeping

For each family meeting, it’s very important that a record be kept of topics discussed as well as decisions made. It is very vital that you adapt whichever form of record keeping that works for the family. There’s nothing wrong with using the IPhone or Blackberry in this area. However, don’t give up on the good ‘old’ calendar. Remember that? It still works. Keep it in a strategic area where members of the family can see it and keep abreast of their responsibilities and important dates.

Remember that each family member has a voice. Therefore, it doesn’t matter the age, it’s very important that everyone shares and expresses his or her opinion in an orderly manner. This is also a great way for children to garner life skills for the real world on the outskirts. When family members listen to one another they can understand and practice empathy. They will respect each other. With those key areas in mind, family meetings can be very successful and orderly.