Pros and Cons of Toys in the Crib for the Intermittent Sleeper

The Pros and cons of toys in the crib. This can really go both ways. With some children it is a blessing and with others a curse. It all depends on you and your child.

I have a seven month old, that up until recently slept 12 hours each night. Parenting her was a dream! Well that has all changed. She has gone into a body cast to aid the healing of her developmental dysplasia of the hip. We now have to change and reposition her every two hours, and for some reason there is no easy way to do this, without waking her.

My daughter hates to be woken up. If she wakes on her own accord she is all smiles and laughs, but if you wake her, watch out! She is cranky, and if you want her to go back to sleep you better have some tricks up your sleeve. I have outlined my opinion of the pros and cons of adding a crib toy or other distraction to our night time routine.

We put a crib toy into her crib. One of those that plays music and the little fish go around in the water and light up. She absolutely loves it! After rearranging her for her next 2 hours, we push the play button and walk out of the room. She will sing and talk for a bit, but by the time the music stops, 15 minutes later, she is fast asleep.

We have also used rocking, a CD of lullabies, and singing to get her to sleep. Keep rotating your tricks or they may loose their effectiveness, or the child becomes so used to the rocking (or whatever you use) that it is necessary for them to rock to fall asleep, even if mom or dad don’t want to rock.

I have to thank the makers of the toy, without it we were getting no sleep what so ever, and this was disappointing after we had such a good start with her. I think that although we don’t use it all of the time, it distracts her enough from being woken or uncomfortable and allows her to drift back to sleep.

The key thing to remember with any toys, in my opinion, is do not use the same toy every time. If your child becomes accustomed to this crib toy and the batteries go dead, someone better run to the store or you will have a fussy child on your hands. We use the crib toy, a CD player, rocking, and singing to help her sleep. Each one works in its own way, but we make sure to no use the same one every night.