Pros and cons of cloth diapering

Many people believe that cloth diapering is a thing of the past, an outlived idea that has thankfully been replaced by disposables. Why would anyone intentionally sign up for more laundry, having to deal with wet poop ridden cloths and having to put these cloths in your washer? Then again, maybe it is not such an antiquated idea.

A look at the pros and cons of using cloth diapers:

The pros to cloth diapering

Surprisingly, the pros of cloth diapering are wide-ranging. The new cloth diapering systems are very unlike the kind your parents used. No more does one use plastic pants and wet diapering bins. Cloth diapering can be a very easy, convenient and cost effective option to diapering your child.

Less diaper rash

Using cloth diaper reduces irritants that tend to cause diaper rash. Diaper rash often occurs from the chemicals in the disposables or because the chemicals actually dry the poop to the baby’s bottom. A cloth diaper absorbs the mess away from the child, yet keeps the moisture in the diaper so that the mess is easy to wipe off. Diaper rash is considered to be less common in cloth diapered babies.

Less expensive

Cloth diapering is an inexpensive option to diapering an infant. The cost of the infant prefolds that will last you from about 2 months until about 6 months is approximately $48 dollars for 24 prefolds. For four good diaper covers, you may pay around $48. The best option for cloth wipes is buying a few packs of infant washcloths. If you add about $12 for the wipes, you would be spending about $125-168 dollars for diapering your infant for five months.

If you spend about $60 a month for disposables and about $6 dollars for wipes, in the same five month period, you will spend $330 dollars using disposable diapers. Cloth diapering saves you $162-$205 dollars in that five month expanse. Imagine how much it would save you throughout your baby’s time in diapers.

Cute cloth diapers

The new cloth diapers are adorable. You will be hard pressed to find a pair of plastic pants, because the world of cloth diaper covers has upgraded. The choices for your baby’s bottom have many different styles, patterns and colors. Cloth diaper companies even carry a diaper cover that changes from small, to medium, to large just by changing a few snaps. The appeal of the limitless styles of covers provides a definite plus to cloth diapering.

Environmentally friendly

Protecting the environment is an obvious advantage to cloth diapering. In a one month time, an infant can go through as many as 250 disposable diapers per the Real Diaper Association. Take that number and multiply it by a year’s time. The number of diapers you might use in a year’s time is around 3,000 diapers. A personal baby landfill is created by 3,000 diapers. Cloth diapers are reusable for more than one child, reusable as wipe rags, and as burp clothes. Websites exist so you can even sell your used diapers or diaper covers and make back a considerable amount of money. If you care about the environment, you can see that cloth diapering is a great aid to keeping the world a better place.

Cons to cloth diapering

While the pros are staggering, there are some cons that make plenty of mother’s decide against cloth diapering. Many mothers detest laundry. Every one to two days, cloth diapering deposits a new load into your washer. In fact, this load is a very smelly batch of dirty diapers. While breastfed baby’s diapers can go straight in the washer, bottle fed babies or babies eating solid foods have diapers that must be rinsed when removed. This is because babies that are only breastfed have water soluble diaper waste. Cloth diapers can add to your work load and might be considered gross.

No cloth at day care

Another problem with going cloth comes from daycare. Some day care centers will not use cloth diapers. They claim it to be unsanitary. If you are a working mother, most times you cannot use cloth diapers simply because the day cares will not accept them. The day cares are a big problem to cloth diapering.

Both the pros and the cons of cloth diapering are very compelling. When you are trying to make the best choice for your baby, you can know what is best when you research the options. Many mothers do not know they have an alternative to disposables, so knowing that you have a choice is very important. Research your diapering options and always choose what is best for your family.