Product Reviews: Desitin diaper rash ointment

Desitin diaper rash ointment is a common diaper rash treatment available in most stores. This is a brand that is often recommended and is often trusted by parents of babies. As with most products, there are advantages and disadvantages to using Desitin diaper rash ointment.

Does it work?

In most cases, Desitin does indeed work. Care must be taken as it can and may cause an allergic reaction in some children. However, for the most part, this gets rid of diaper rash quickly and easily. Other diaper rash ointments work as well for less cost, too. An even less expensive option is to go with something natural such as corn starch or petroleum jelly.

Cleaning it up

Cleaning it up off of your fingers isn’t always easy. It leaves a funny residue and often a smell that takes effort to wash away. It has a greasy feel that is unpleasant. It can leave residue behind on the skin making cleaning baby up a little more difficult than usual.


The cost of Desitin is more than most other diaper rash creams. It comes in a small tube and usually costs one to three dollars more than similar products. Shop around to get the best deal and use sparingly.

Desitin creamy

A newer product, Desitin Creamy, is easier to clean up, works better, but costs more. This product costs at least a dollar fifty more than the original. However, if you desire to use diaper rash ointments, this is a really good choice. Other than the cost, this works better and isn’t hard to clean up. It is soft and seams less harsh and is also easier to apply than the original formula.

Overall, there are more natural remedies to diaper rash ointment, that cost less and work better. Even if you are a huge fan of ointments, there are ones that work better, or the same, and cost less. This one works, but isn’t worth the chance it might work, the issues with cleaning it up, and the cost.

Alternatives to diaper rash ointments include airing the diaper out, changing diapers, using corn starch to help keep moisture at a lower level, and petroleum jelly to protect the skin, especially useful for bad rashes. It is also important to change diapers often and to keep the bottom and private areas very clean using wipes, or a bath if need be.