Preventing Tonsil Stones

One of the key steps to preventing tonsil stones is to follow good oral regimen.

There are a few areas that you need to get under control,as these play a big role in the forming of tonsil stones.

Post Nasal Drip

If you suffer from post nasal drip you will need to clear this up by using  medication that will alleviate mucous build up. Be careful of using antihistamines too often as many are habit forming. A suggestion is to use oxygenating oral car products and a nasal sinus formula.

By clearing up the post nasal drip there will not be excess mucous running down the back of the throat and bonding with leftover food that is stuck in the tonsil crypts, which causes tonsil stones.

If you love dairy products,like cheese or milk be careful as these products are known to cause phlegm.Cut down on your portions and you will notice that you have less phlegm in your throat as a result.

As many as 75% of people are lactose intolerant,meaning that their bodies are not able to digest dairy products. The excess calcium as well as mucus produced by post nasal drip are key ingredients in the formation of tonsilloliths

Gargling Scrubbing and Brushing in preventing tonsil stones

Some people develop a thorough routine of gargling and frequent brushing, as well as using a tongue scraper on the tongue and towards the back of the throat .

It is important to clean the tongue thoroughly as there is anaerobic sulphur- producing bacteria just below the tongue’s surface that produces bad breath.

You can’t do this with a toothbrush, as it is not effective in removing the coating on the tongue.A scraper works best for this,especially if you have white tongue.

Scraping alone will not kill the bacteria just below the surface,is will only remove the gunk.For the best results use an oxegynating toothpaste,to eliminate bacteria as well.

Gargling is also good as this will assist in dislodging food bebris that may be stuck in the tonsil crypts and therefore helps in preventing tonsil stones.If you use a oxygenated rinse it will also kill off the bacteria that causes bad breath.

 Tonsil stones prevention is not difficult.It takes a bit of discipline in following the steps above but the result is that you wont suffer from the condition any longer as long as you consistently follow good oral regimen.