Preventing Dry Skin in Infants

A newborn baby has the softest, silkiest skin and if you have every touched a newborns skin then you know exactly what I mean. But did you know that a baby’s skin loses moisture at a faster rate than we do as adults. It is important to moisturize the skin of your baby even if their skin is soft to the touch. The best product to use for a baby that has normal skin, meaning no dryness, is Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Lotion, the one in the familiar pink bottle. This product has been a staple in homes with infants for decades so you know it works and it’s all natural which a huge plus is also.

Another great product by Johnson and Johnson is their Bedtime Baby Lotion as not only does it moisturize the skin but it also includes a soothing aroma to help ease them to sleep. Bedtime Baby Lotion is a great choice when your baby is sick with the sniffles or simply cranky and irritable.

On the other side of the coin we have the baby that has dry skin or eczema and for these situations using Johnsons’ everyday lotion may not be enough. One thing you can do to soften their dry skin and keep it soft is to give them fewer baths. Though bath time is great for getting our babies clean giving one bath or more a day simply dries out their skin. Limit bath time to once every other day and your baby will stay softer longer.

You may need to purchase a lotion specifically made for dry skin and apply it right after bath time and at several interval during the day. When changing your baby’s clothes from day to night is a good time to moisturize.

 Another great tip is to be careful what soap you are using at bath time and though bubble baths are fun some of those soaps are simply too strong for baby. You should stick to using only all natural ingredients especially for the first few months of life. You can install a humidifier in your baby’s bedroom that will keep moisture within the air which is great for not only a baby’s skin but their respiratory health as well.

The last tip I have in keeping your infants skin ‘as soft as a baby’s bottom’ is to keep your babies fluid intake up. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and if we moisturize our inside this in turn will moisturize our outsides. So, making sure they get enough water, juice, formula, etc. is important to skin health as well.