Prevent your toddler from climbing the Christmas tree

When Christmas comes around a toddler must think he or she has died and gone to heaven. All that food, all that excitement and all those sparkly things to grab hold of. Apart from the fact that he or she gets so much attention from visiting relatives, a toddler must wonder what’s gone on in the world to make it suddenly turn all glittery and so interesting.

Of course, there is no substitute for parental control, but with the best will in the world, there are times when your toddler may slip out of eyesight. At times like these you will be grateful you thought about how to stop him or her climbing up the Christmas tree.

Ideas on how to stop a toddler climbing the Christmas tree:

Smaller tree

You could think about having a smaller tree, which could be put up high on a table that your toddler cannot reach. You can still have all the normal decorations, but perhaps just not so many.

Special room

You could think about where you site your tree. Instead of having it in the living room, you could put it in the conservatory or garden room, or in the dining room. Choose a room where you know your toddler will never go on his or her own, or choose an area of the home where your toddler is always contained, e.g in the dining room he or she will always be strapped into the high chair.


You can fence off the tree with some of the furniture in the room. Place the tree on a small table if it is small enough, and move the sofa and easy chairs so that your toddler cannot get near the tree. Remember that he or she will be able to climb up on a settee and lean over the back, so make sure the branches are out of reach.


Lay out the presents round the bottom of the tree. If you don’t want to put out real gifts, wrap up some cardboard boxes and put them around the tree in a kind of no-go area. Your toddler won’t be able to climb over the presents and is more likely to sit and try to unwrap them than scramble over to the tree.


Rope in your other kids to keep an eye on the youngest. Let the kids have extra privileges if they help you out with this one. If you don’t have any other children, get grandparents to help.

These are a few easy ways of making your life much easier over the Christmas period. A bit of planning always goes a long way at this time of year.