Prevent Bedwetting in Child

Bedwetting is a normal part of growing up. Many children wet their bed. Research suggests that bedwetting is genetic. When both parents suffered from bedwetting problem in their childhood, their children would have a higher chance of wetting the bed.

Do not treat bedwetting as an unforgivable sin. Do not embarrass your child for bedwetting. The more you embarrass him, the more he wets his bed. Treat it as part of childhood development, and do not scold him. Take steps to reduce bedwetting problem to the minimum.

The first step to prevent bedwetting is to ensure your child uses the bathroom before bedtime. You must insist that your child makes a trip to the bathroom. You can go with him and make sure he urinates.

The second step to prevent bedwetting is to stop your child from drinking water two hours before bedtime. If he complains of thirst, let him sips some water. You should not allow him to drink a whole glass of water. You should not let him drink tea, coffee, and soft drinks before bedtime.

Caffeinated drink causes dehydration. Caffeinated drink worsens the bedwetting problem in your child.

The third step to prevent bedwetting is to avoid upsetting your child. Do not upset your child in any way before bedtime. Let him watch a horror movie, and he will have a nightmare of ghosts hunting for him. The excitement will make him wet the bed.

Do not tell bedtime stories of evil witches eating children. You do not want your child to live the horror in his dream. Try not to insult him, and call him names before bedtime. He will think that you do not love him, and want to disown him. The stress of having such thoughts will make him upset. He will wet his bed.

Tell your child to wake up, and go to the bathroom if he dreams of the need to go bathroom. If he is too young to go the bathroom on his own, place the squeaking duck besides his bed. Instruct him to squeeze the duck, so that you can wake up and bring him to the toilet.

If your child has unusually high incidents of bedwetting, find out his fear. Fear and stress increase bedwetting. Once you know the cause of bedwetting, please eliminate the cause of his fear, and reduce his stress.

If he is fearful of his teacher, do talk to his teacher, so that she can take positive action.

Bedwetting is an embarrassing problem for your child. Do not scold him and make him feel useless. Treat it as part of life. Do not allow your older children to laugh at him.

Explain that bedwetting is a normal process of growing up, and that all children do outgrow bedwetting.