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Your first ultrasound may be a little nerve wracking. In fact, most mothers find that they get a bit worried before each diagnostic throughout pregnancy. Despite knowing that you are healthy and strong, one cannot help but be concerned for baby’s safety and wellbeing. Mothers just tend to worry. You can however, reign in the majority of those fears simply by being prepared for what lies ahead.

An early pregnancy ultrasound is likely your first chance for visible reassurance. You will get to see the baby with your own eyes. Most doctors perform the first ultrasound at around eight weeks of pregnancy. Waiting until this point in development allows your baby to grow large enough to be seen. This is also the earliest point at which the heartbeat is strong enough to be detected. Hearing that miraculous sound for the first time can be an overwhelming joyous experience.

When you make your appointment, ask exactly what to expect. For most expectant moms the first ultrasound is done internally, though the vagina, this allows a better view than the traditional tummy method used later in pregnancy. This can be a rather awkward experience, making it that much more important to  have chosen a doctor with whom you feel comfortable and trust. 

Before an internal ultrasound, the doctor’s assistant will provide a hospital gown and ask you to change. In most cases, you will be asked to remove all clothing other than your socks. Though your doctor and assistant will act professionally, for your own comfort you may want to arrive well groomed. Women are rather vain creatures after all, so you may want to remember to shave your legs the night before.

In some cases, external ultrasound is used. This type of test is typically performed by a sonographer rather than your ob-gyn. These are typically performed in a local hospital rather than your doctor’s office so double-check on the location ahead of time. 

You will not need to change clothes for an external ultrasound. However, you will be most comfortable if you dress in loose clothing. Be sure to arrive with a full bladder, which may allow a better view. You need not be uncomfortable. Drinking a pint or so of water approximately an hour before your appointment should be sufficient.

Whether you experience an internal or external ultrasound, your baby’s image will soon arrive on the screen. He or she will be tiny but you should be able to make out a vaguely human shape. Head, arms, and legs will be the easiest to identify. Your little one may even be moving about since there is currently plenty of wiggle room in the uterus. At the end of the ultrasound, you will be given a few pictures of your own to cherish and save.

While you may be anxious to see your adorable baby for the first time, your doctor has a few other goals in mind. He or she will want to observe the baby’s heartbeat to ensure that it is beating within a normal range. In addition, your doctor will be looking for any obvious abnormalities. A scaled measurement of your baby’s length will be taken to confirm how far along you are. Be prepared for your due date to be shifted as indicated.

Another goal will be to ensure that your baby is alone in there, or to detect the presence of twins, or multiples. The view may be shifted from the fetus for a few moments to ensure that he or she is located within the uterus and not implanted in the walls of your fallopian tube. This can be a serious situation requiring medical intervention, though growing technology is giving renewed hope if caught early. Your ovaries will be checked out as well. You may even be able to see where the egg from your last ovulation was released. 

At the end of the appointment, you should be given the opportunity to ask questions. After such an overwhelming experience, your mind may be overflowing with emotions. If you do have questions, it may be helpful to arrive with a short list to ensure that any concerns you have are addressed.

Know what you can expect during the ultrasound. Arrive approximately fifteen minutes early so that you are not in a rush, and to allow for any necessary paperwork. The most important thing you can do to prepare for an early pregnancy ultrasound is to relax. The procedure itself is painless and will be over quickly. Focus instead on the remarkable journey ahead.