Pregnancy Inducing Labor after Month Number nine

So you’re past nine months now.
You love that you are pregnant and are growing the zest of life but you’re really thinking- ‘I want to get that thing out of me.’ and we can all imagine how annoying it must be. I mean come on, you’re nipples must be sore, you’re getting mood swings as quick as it takes to boil a kettle and your man is suffering too- oh trust me, he is. There are quite a ways in which you can bring on labor in a natural way; some may be actually quite nice for you and the baby. Others may just be nice for you.

Ok, so many ways- let’s begin with the simplest ones such as eating pineapple:

Apparently eating pineapple induces labor, although it can’t just be any old type of pineapple- I bet you’re thinking ‘how many types of pineapple are there!’, however, I mean it must be fresh pineapple and not from tins and you can’t get away with just drinking the juice (I wouldn’t try it- you might give yourself heartburn). The fresher the pineapple the better. Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain which is supposed to soften the cervix and therefore induce labor. Although this looks like it’s an easy way of getting that thing out of you, there is no evidence as to whether it’s safe or not. And the only way that the pineapple method would actually work is if you ate several pineapples to get the process started. Each pineapple contains a very small amount of Bromelain thus meaning you would have to consume so much in order to get the most out of this method.  There is a huge lack of research into whether this method actually works however some cultures seem to swear by it. To be honest, I wouldn’t try it – simply because if it doesn’t get that baby out of you then you are just left with the overactive bowel movements that came with the attempt.

Eating Curry:

Eating spicy foods is a way of stimulating the gut and the bowel and therefore encourages the uterus (somehow) to start taking action. Although again there is a lack of scientific evidence to suggest this and to be fair it must be hard proving something like that when you are literally ready to pop at any minute. Now this method you must be very careful with- even if it does seem like a good plan if you are only used to Kormas then I don’t recommend you go for a vindaloo, because if this method doesn’t work then you will be left very sore. And heck even if it does work it could be very embarrassing while giving birth… Just make sure that you order a take-away, I think maybe you’re a bit too far to go to a restaurant and cause so much drama, plus you could just get a take-away which means you don’t have to spend ages slaving away at the stove.


Some simple very light exercise is meant to encourage your baby into a better position so that labor can start by itself. This also enables gravity to take place and encourage your baby to find a better position in the cervix so that you can start your bit. I would make sure that you don’t push the walking thing too far, simply because you really don’t want to exhaust yourself before the extremely exhausting part begins. This method is completely safe as long as you are sensible.

Now for the enjoyable part of inducing labor:


Many men have a problem having sex with a woman so obviously pregnant, others get thrills from it. Whichever type of man, you need to reassure him that this is a good way for the both of you, I mean he probably hasn’t had a shag for a while either, right? Sex is meant to work in three ways, Firstly, your orgasm (providing you have one and you should seeing how sensitive you will be) may help to stimulate the uterus into action. Secondly, sex can trigger the ‘contraction’ hormone. And last but not least, semen contains a high amount of prostaglandins which may help to soften the cervix ready for it to dilate when labor starts, therefore, don’t use a condom and get having fun.

You may be asking, ‘is sex safe now?’ and the answer is yes, it is – providing your waters haven’t already broke, if it has then this could cause an infection. Also avoid sex if you know you have a low-lying placenta or you have had vaginal bleeding. And remember, the baby has no idea what is going on and will not be harmed, so don’t feel guilty. Although sex at this stage may be very difficult, may, heck what am I saying – I’m sure it will be very difficult. Do not fear, there are positions that will be easier for you, such as spoons or doggy- just make sure your bump is as close to the bed as possible and remember, you’re making love for a reason and not fighting a war on the western front- be gentle. Alternatively, giving your partner oral sex may work better. It is thought that prostaglandins are absorbed more efficiently through the gut than through the vagina. (Note: you may prefer to keep this piece of information to yourself!).

Nipple Stimulation:

Nipple stimulation is the gentle rubbing or rolling of the nipple to encourage the start of contractions. The theory is that oxytocin, a hormone that causes contractions, is released in the body when the breasts are stimulated. Besides- I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. The idea is to simulate the suckling of a baby so you need to massage the whole areola (the dark area around the nipple), not just tweak the nipple. Place your (or your partner’s) palm over the areola and move in a circular motion, applying a firm but gentle pressure. This may need to be continued for some time. The usual recommendation is to stimulate the breasts for an hour, three times a day, spending 15 minutes continually stimulating one breast and then alternating to the other breast for 15 minutes until the hour is up. 37 per cent women who had tried it went into labor within 72 hours as compared to just 6 per cent of those who had not. Therefore it must be good.

Although there are so many ways or apparent ways to induce labor, I decided to concentrate on those that would be more appealing to pregnant women. I know that if I was pregnant, I certainly wouldn’t want to be drinking castor oil or anything like that. I understand that pregnancy can be exhausting enough and therefore you want to make the last few moments as good as you can, even if you are crying inside. I hope this helps!