Pregnancy how do i know if my Water Broke

Having your water break in public can in some cases be a rather embarrassing thing, and something many new moms worry about throughout their pregnancy. The truth is though, it’s not usually like in the movies where the woman’s water breaks with a theatrical gush, leaving a huge puddle on the floor. Sure that’s a comedic thing, especially if someone comes along and slips in it, but not so likely to happen in real life, though on occasion it does.
I have three experiences to relate when the woman’s water breaks, two are mine, and one is a friend’s, I will start with my friend’s experience as this is already second hand knowledge. She had been given an induction drug, and while she’d been having contractions the whole time, the nurses kept telling her it was diarrhea cramps, which she believed, because she also had diarrhea. So she was walking around a little, just heading back to her room, when she feels something in her underwear, she thought she’d had another episode right in the middle of the hall, how embarrassing, but when she got back to her room, they discovered it was actually her water breaking that she’d felt.
With my first son, my water broke at home, before I’d had a single contraction. I was cleaning up from supper, and felt a tiny gush, I was suddenly embarrassed, and practically ran to the bathroom, I thought I had finally gone and lost my bladder control. well, as soon as I got clean underwear and a pad on ‘just in case’ I felt another gush that completely filled the pad, so I go, and change the pad, I had these tiny little gushes all the way to the hospital, and several hours into labor, there was no mistaking it, though for me, the contractions didn’t really start until 4 hours after my water broke.
When my second son was born, I was at my Mother-in-law’s house, I was lying in bed, when I felt a spray, that felt like I was peeing, but different. I had had some minor contractions throughout the day before, but nothing that couldn’t be put down as Braxton Hicks contractions. When I stood up out of bed, the spray continued down my legs for another minute or two. I went to the bathroom, and peed, so I knew that I hadn’t just lost control of my bladder. We immediately worked out going to the hospital, when I was just about to get into the truck, there was another spraying gush, and I was once again soaked from the waist down. I went back inside, and changed into dry pants and underwear with a maxi pad, and made it to the hospital in record time.