Pregnancy Complications associated with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a sickness, or syndrome, characterized by chronic  muscle aches, often in different parts of the body. Fibromyalgia attacks the muscles throughout your body, causing them to ache, burn, and twitch. More women than men are affected.

Although widespread, not much is known about this sickness, like why it starts or how to completely cure it. This also makes it difficult to treat. Many fibromyalgia sufferers are taking anti-depressive medicine, in addition to painkillers.

Different theories as to how fibromyalgia affects pregnancy have been voiced, but doctors are disagreeing on this topic. According to a study conducted in Norway, in 1997, the women had a a drastic increase in the severity of their symptoms. The problems continued well after the baby was born. Post partum depression was also more common among this group of women, than the others in the same study.

During pregnancy, a woman’ s body is put under a lot of strain. Hormones and a growing uterus can cause symptoms that are very similar to fibromyalgia. This can make it difficult to know what is actually fibromyalgia and what is just normal pregnancy.

It is very important to discuss with your physician if you are taking medicines for fibromyalgia when you get pregnant. Most medicines are not safe to continue with during pregnancy, since fibromyalgia medicines are often quite strong. This goes for both painkillers and anti-depressive medications.

Stress often makes the symptoms of fibromyalgia flare up, and pregnancy can cause a lot of stress. Even if  you are happy being pregnant, it is a time of great changes, both physical and mental. Not being able to alleviate your problems with medicine can add extra anxiety and stress.

 It is important if you are planning to get pregnant, and know that you have fibromyalgia, to prepare properly. This could include building up your body with proper diet and exercise, making it as strong as possible. Stop taking your medication gradually, before conception. (always consult with your doctor before changing your medication). During this time, as well as all through the pregnancy, you are going to need the support of friends and family. Others can help with the household chores and older children if you experience fatigue. Massage and yoga are known to be helpful to fibromyalgia sufferers, and these can also be done during pregnancy.

While having fibromyalgia can complicate your pregnancy, it is possible to go through with it. Every pregnant woman needs to make sure she eats properly, exercise and rest regularly. If you have fibromyalgia it is even more important to take care of yourself. It is well worth it, since it will help you enjoy your pregnancy and baby even more.