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Being pregnant is supposed to be one of the most magically wonderful times in a woman’s life, but there are times when the dream becomes a nightmare. For many it starts with the realization that something isn’t happening the way it should and as a result they will be put on bed rest.   Those who have lived through it know what the stress of knowledge and the fear of the unknown can do to someone who cannot get up and either do something to stop the issue or do something to keep there mind off of the issue. Boredom can strangle those lying in bed just as much as their fears can.

So what can be done to help the poor mother get through the long hours of lying in bed worrying and being bored.  For one thing keeping busy is very important. This would be the perfect time to pick up that hand craft or hobby that has been on the to do list forever. What better time to  crochet a blanket for baby, or knit a sweater with matching booties.  Stitch a quilt or cross stitch a lovely heirloom.  Having something to keep the hands and mind busy help to keep a bed ridden mother to be sane.

If hand crafts are not your thing, there are a million different options to keep ones mind off their situation. The Internet is of coarse one of the most high tech versions. There are so many things to do online from watching missed TV shows to learning how to fold a dollar bill into interesting origami shapes on YouTube.  Social network sites can help the poor patient feel socially up to date instead of secluded and lonely. There are also groups online where a Mom stuck in bed can IM with other mothers in the same situation. There they can discuss their fears, worries, boredoms and fill in the lonely void that is left when some one is stuck home while everyone else is out and about.

There are also the good old standbys of the depressed. Some can get themselves lost in a book, while others can sooth themselves with music.  Many do both, even at the same time in some cases. Anything to help keep Mommas mind off of the situation.  The TV is also an outlet to get lost in something other then ones own life. 

Other then keeping busy there is the matter of movement and environment. If in the hospital there are many rules and regulations that will hold back some of these ideas but for those at home things can be done in whatever fashion one chooses. Changing rooms everyday can help alleviate the feeling of being caged in.  Changing decorations such as flowers or picture as well as  bed linens can make all the difference as well. Visitation is a big thing. Friends and family can help keep a bed rest person from being lonely and losing touch with reality. 

The most important thing to remember when lying in bed is that one is doing the right thing for their baby and already being a great Mom.  There is end point that will result in a perfect love. Good luck to any and all who find themselves pregnant and on bed rest.