Every women asks a couple things while she is pregnant, is this normal and what should I expect? At seven weeks of pregnancy there is a lot going on in your body. Most of which you won’t even notice. Your little bean is starting to grow and developing a heart beat if he or she hasn’t already and you might have already seen in an ultrasound. You might have developed the wonderful thing called morning sickness. Which actually can be all day sickness, but morning sickness is what it’s called. You may to notice that your breasts are sore and or tender to the touch, you may notice a little more acne and or some redness on the face. You may notice that you are making more stops to the bathroom as you have found that you have to urinate more often. You may have noticed that you are kind of itchy all over, this is caused by the increase in hormones and should go away with time. You may notice that your hair and nails are growing more if you’re lucky. You may also notice that you are overly emotional and cry all the time for no apparent reason and or get really mad for no apparent reason as well. You may notice that you are extremely tired even if you haven’t done anything. Making a baby is hard work and takes a lot out of your body and so therefore you have a greater need to sleep. You may notice that you are hungry more often than you’re not, this is normal too for right around 7 weeks. So if you’re eating more than usual don’t worry it’s normal. There isn’t much else going on at about 7 weeks of pregnancy but none the less the few things that are happening are amazing and exciting none the less.

If you are 7 weeks pregnant and have not seen a doctor yet, here are some of the things that you might expect at your first appointment. The doctor will most likely start off by asking you some questions, regarding your health history and the father’s history and your immediate families. Your mother, father, sisters and brother and maternal grandparents. Then they will check your weight, blood pressure, pulse, temp, and probably do a pelvic exam. They will do some blood work to check you for many things such as HIV, hepatitis, check your levels in your blood and many other things called a lipid panel. The doctor may or may not do an ultrasound to do a dating scan, he or she might just want you to schedule it and come back and get it done, some can do it in the office. They will most likely also take a urine sample to check for infections as well since infections during pregnancy are very normal. That’s pretty much everything that is going on at 7 weeks of pregnancy.