Pre Teen Confidence

How to improve your pre-teen’s confidence? Your pre-teen is going through a hard time right now, where their physical bodies and emotions are changing dramatically from a child to a teen. And this tends to be a rough time for a pre-teen, because the changes can result in lack of confidence or self-esteem. They will look at themselves differently, and feel poorly about how they look, feel, and act compared to their peers. The question is how you can boost your pre-teen’s confidence, so it doesn’t affect them physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Parents need to know how to combat these problems of low confidence.

Firstly, you need to show support for your pre-teen. This is the biggest key to help with their confidence. They need to know that they feel cared about and loved. Show your support by giving your pre-teen lots of complements and encouragement. Tell them how much you are proud of the efforts they are making to achieve good grades in school. Parents need to know that while there emotions are devolving, and while there pre-teens are trying to find out who they are, they cannot judge or criticize. But be very supportive and try to help them. It will show that they have someone to talk to when they need help.

Get your pre-teen involved! Have them try something new, like a new hobby, sport, or an activity that they can participate in. The hobby can challenge them physically or mentally as long as they are involved with other boys and girls in the age group. These activities teach your pre-teen how to be disciplined, a feeling of being on a team, and of success.

Set goals with your teen, challenge them and help them reach there desired goal. This is will give them a sense of accomplishment they will fill like they are successful. It will raise your pre-teen’s confidence and they will shoot for a higher goal. Help them keep their standards high, and shoot for the sky. Show support over what they want as their goals, and assist them on the way. Your pre-teen will feel cared about and loved.

The key to a pre-teen’s confidence is to know that they feel supported. Support them in any decision they make and don’t criticize them in their decision. Give them compliments and praise for making good choices. This will make you pre-teen want to continue to do more good. Encourage them to do a community service project, it will make them feel good about themselves. And make them feel like they’re not small compared to the world and that they can make a difference.

As your pre-teen is developing, it is important to watch their confidence levels. And be able to pick your pre-teen back up. Being a pre-teen can be hard, but if you guide your son or daughter in the right path. And show love and support you will give your pre-teen the confidence he or she needs to be happy at this point in their lives. Be there for them, care for them, and your pre-teen will be confident.