Practical Tips for Busy Mothers

Being a mother can be hard work and often time can run away with you. Many mothers wish that there were more hours in the day so that they can achieve more and actually you can create time if you approach certain tasks in a practical manner which will then enable you to get more out of each day and also be able to enjoy it too without feeling pressurised and rushed. 

Keep a calendar

Keeping a calendar may seem like a very obvious suggestion but it can really help keep you organised and on track with what events you have. If you don’t keep a calendar it can be easy to double book or take on too much which will then make you feel stressed and hassled. If you have a clearly labelled calendar you will be able to see what lays ahead and how you will manage it.


Being prepared is always a good way to help yourself if you are busy. It is a good idea to get things ready the night before so as to help save time in the mornings. This may entail ensuring that you have your children’s school uniforms ironed and ready for them to put on or preparing their packed lunches the night before. Preparing in this manner can help relieve pressure and make you feel as though you are more in control and prepared for what lays ahead- so if a child oversleeps or a friend calls whilst you’re trying to get ready in the morning then you are already a step ahead.

Cook in batches

Finding time to cook meals from scratch can be a challenge and so when you do have time to cook make double the amount you need so that you can freeze it and then quickly heat it up later in the week when you have less time. Cooking like this can really help halve the work load and also enable you to eat more healthily as instead of thinking you don’t have time to cook a meal and ringing a take away, you will have one ready in the freezer which will need very little preparation time!

Get the kids on board

Sometimes you may think that having your children help with household tasks is actually more hassle than it’s worth as it may take them twice as long to do as it would you but actually it can help massively in the long run. If you teach your children how to wash up or pair up socks or sweep the floor then eventually they will be able to do it without any instruction and without you needing to do it again afterwards and this will help save you time in the long run. It will also help them to appreciate the work that you do around the house and maybe encourage more understanding from them.

Be logical

Be logical in what you are planning on doing during your week. If you take each week as a whole and look at the tasks you would like to accomplish you may notice that two or three things can be rolled into one; a trip to town to pay a bill and also buy some groceries could save time if you did them together instead of on two separate occasions. Posting a letter and walking next door’s dog is another example. It can be easy to not spend time looking at what lies ahead because you feel as though you don’t have the time to do so but actually if you do then you could claw back several hours during your week which you wouldn’t otherwise.

It can be a difficult job being a mother trying to balance many different tasks. Feeling under pressure to fit in many events can cause stress and pressure making it difficult for you to enjoy your time but actually if you are organised and well prepared then you can manage your days in a more efficient manner.