Possible Drawbacks to Working at Home with Children

Although there are several reasons that working at home can be a great idea, there are also some drawbacks, especially if you have children. Children are in need of time and attention so there are several drawbacks to this.

First of all are your children going to be in the home all day or are they of school age? At school age then you can have that time to yourself for your work. There are different needs of children of different ages. If you have younger children that are less than school age, than they are going to require a lot of your time and attention during the day hours while they are awake, and after they finally get laid down, are you going to be to tired to want to do your work? Or is it work that you can work on that late? You will need to make sure your giving you younger child lunch, drinks, and other items.

If you children are school age, how do they get to school, bus or do you need to take them and pick them up? This could be a drawback since you may be figuring your time into dropping off or picking up your child from school. Another issue would be if your child is a problem child, and we all know there are some out there, you need to spend more attention on that child than on work which may cause an issue.

Concentration is a big thing needed in order to be effect in any job. Children off ages can break your train of though or concentration for any job assignment. Children of younger ages usually have some kind of sound in the back ground whether they are young and whiny, beating on something, or playing with noisy toys. As they get older, you may have children that fight with each other all the time, and you find yourself breaking up their fights and arguments, and maybe even punishments. Older children may have their music or television up too loud playing video games and such.

Older children, such as teenagers, may give you a hard time with telephone calls. Many of them love to talk on the phone. If you need your phone for your job then this may cause a major problem in your household, or an argument over the phone.

Although there are several good reasons to have a work at home jobs, there are drawbacks as well. As a parent you will find both good and bad parts of working at home with your children there.