Possible Drawbacks to Working at Home with Children

Whilst working at home can have many benefits, such as spending time with your children, saving money on childcare and travel costs and having the flexibility to being your own boss, there can also be many drawbacks of this.  It is important to consider both the benefits and the drawbacks of working from home when making decisions about whether this way of life is for you or not.  Here are some of the drawbacks of working from home.

–          Overlap of duties

Whilst in theory, you have the freedom and flexibility to plan your own day, set your own routines and make decisions about what you do and when, the reality can be rather different.  It can be very difficult to compartmentalise your day to fit around all your different responsibilities that may not only involve work, but are likely to involve childcare and general household responsibilities.  You may often find that you cannot focus on one element of your life at a time and may be distracted by other duties.  For example, it can be very difficult to focus on a business telephone call if your child is crying in the background.  Equally, it can be very difficult to devote enough time to your child if you are constantly having to return to the computer to work. 

–          No change of scenery and lack of work colleagues

Your life revolves around one environment- your home.  Some people find this difficult and feel claustrophobic.  Not only do you live there, but you work there as well.  It can be hard to put yourself into a business frame of mind if you are working at a computer in the corner of your bedroom.  This may also affect you social opportunities as many people make friends and socialise with people that they work with.  If you work at home then it is likely that you will have less contact with other people and may feel lonely or restricted in your social life. 

–          Less stable income

If you work at home, then it is more likely that you will not be salaried.  Depending upon the line of work that you are doing form home, it is likely that your earnings could vary each month.  It is important to consider whether you can afford the highs and lows of the income that you will make from working from home when you consider whether this is a realistic option for you.