Playpens and Play Yards are not too Confining – Safe Play

There is a difference between wanting to keep your child safe and neglecting them. Playpens and play yards are definately appropriate tools for a parent to use, and in my opinion, should be used more often. Too many children are allowed to roam free and it’s up to everyone else to make sure that no harm comes to them.

It is important to know where your child is at all times. A playpen is just a tool to use when a parent is busy with other work that requires attention. It is NOT a substitute for child care. To care for a baby means to take time out and play with them, to introduce them to the world, and to show them love.

Realistically though, there is no parent that can give their child 100% of their time. Nor should they. A baby needs to experience independence, and time to play by themselves. Playpens and play yards just make sure that the child plays in a confined area.

They are quite large and if the parent is within sight, it can be fun for baby. The child should not be kept in them for long periods of time, but there is no reason that they cannot be when the parent is busy.

They are great when a parent needs to cook, clean, or even out in the yard for some quiet time. Baby will learn to play on their own and mom can take a break. When they fuss, take them out. It is a positive experience all around.

The problem with parenting today is that many people choose to use the “politically correct” methods of parenting.  Instead of deciding for themselves what is right or wrong, they look to everyone else for their methods of parenting.  The problem is, everyone is different.  There are no two family situations exactly the same. 

Some parents work.  Some do not. There may be other children that need to be cared for. Who knows? Is it so wrong to place a child in a playpen in order to get something done?  It doesn’t mean the child is loved less. It is just a method of keeping your child safe while doing things that must get done. 

I believe that it is counterproductive to have your child at your hip at all times.  It is also wrong to have a child wander about.  It is just too dangerous.  There is a happy medium.  As long as the child is content, then by all means utilize the tools you have.  Both you and your baby will be happy.