Playing the Mommy Card at Work

Returning to work after maternity leave is sometimes a lesson in political maneuvering as far as the workplace is concerned.

When you return to work after bringing your beautiful baby into the would, everything else could be considered anti-climatic. First of all you are getting adjusted to your “new” body, and your hormones are still in a battle against you and the world. And now you must come back to your office and try to fit back into a office environment. When you return to work as a new mommy, everyone is wondering, okay is she going to break out in tears or just break out.

Your work schedule becomes totally dependent on your child’s needs, and of course you are trying to put up a good front, as you become mommy, wet nurse, baby waste disposal person, and other unmentionable titles instead Supervisor, or Director. While you are trying to fit back in and play tough superwoman on the job, you are trying to engineer a way to go home and be with your newborn before they go to bed, you know he or she will want to hear your beautiful rendition of Rock A Bye Baby.

Now the trick is how are you going to find a really good professional sounding excuse to leave the office? You don’t want to look like a weak and whimpering new mommy. Of course you can just say, my baby is not feeling well but, you don’t want the bad luck fairy to pay you visit for telling a small white lie. The next option is you can appeal to your Supervisor’s parental nature, that is of course if they have children, and then you can throw down that major “mommy card” and that will usually work. But the major question is how often do you want to play your ace? You do not want your co-workers giving you that look, you know the look,yeah right her baby is sick look, or the sure use your baby as a way to leave us with all your work look.

For example my daughter was a very sickly child she always had some type of virus or another, and I would call my supervisor while holding my coughing child, just so he could hear the misery she was in, and it would never fail when I returned to work, the first thing someone would say is, yeah I bet your baby was sick sure! And of course I would be outraged that they could say such a thing, and my response would be. “Do you think I would tell a lie like that just to miss work?” It never failed to amaze me, how many times someone would ask that same question! After the sixth or seventh time someone would ask that question, I just gave them the evil eye and walked away.

Mommy is not a five letter word. Exercise your rights as a new mother, and be proud that you have a little one that needs you. When you go to your supervisors office and throw down your “mommy card” do it with your head held high, back straight! Remember you hold the deck, and when you play mommy poker make sure you have your game face on!