Playing the Mommy Card at Work

Returning to work after a your break as a mom? Worried that your child will need their mom to sit and wait for something to happen so that you can be there for her in an instant? Thinking that your boss will never, ever let you be a proper mom and take time off for your child? Then read on and all will be revealed!

You decided to return to work. You knew you was ready and you also knew that your child was ready, so what are you worried about?

All you need to remember is that you are only worrying about something that is new and unknown to you; something that excites you and at the same time frightens you.

So this is what you do:

Make sure that your child-minding arrangements are the best you can find. Include contingencies so that your partner, parents and friends can help out if needed. What you need to prove to yourself and your boss is that mom’s can. If you have made the arrangements and you can trust all involved, then you will.

Now, seeing as your child care arrangements are so good, when will you need to call the mommy card?

When your washing machine breaks so that you can wait for the repair man?

When the sun shines, moms need to top up your tan?

When you are so tired that you can’t think straight?

No. You have gone back to work because you can. You’ve arranged the care. You’ve worked out the sums and you are going to do this thing. You’re going to do it right and you are going to represent the rest of womankind by being the most successful businesswoman there ever was as well as the best mom there ever was.

Go to your child when she needs you, you would for your mom or your partner, so why not your child. A bad case of flu, a hospital appointment or she is stuck at the station and there are no trains running. She will only need you to leave work if it is very important after all, you have covered all other bases by employing your carers and making the contingency plans with your close friends and family.

If your general working week means that you regularly cannot meet your child for dinner or go to school performances then perhaps you should think about the job you are doing or working through plans with your boss and your colleagues. They will understand, they will know from their own experiences how important it is for you to be there for your child and as long as you are a good co-worker, will want to support you whenever they can. Dinner meetings could be replaced with lunch or breakfast meetings and business trips could be set around the events that are most important to your child.

Of course, this may mean that you end up doing the jobs that no one else wants to do but all the time you do this, you will be building strong team relationships that will be paid back again and again.

So, do go back to work after having children but do be aware that you will have to make allowances which may be strange to you but hey, you will be starting a new adventure and new adventures are always exciting!