Parents Guide to Buying Baby Snow Suits

As a new parent it is often difficult to decide which clothes to buy for your baby. You want to keep your new arrival warm as they can’t fully control their own body temperature yet, but at the same time you don’t want to overheat them. This can be a particular problem if your baby is born in the cold winter months or is still very young when temperatures drop and snow falls.

A baby snow suit is an ideal and cute solution to ensure your precious little bundle of joy is kept warm when you want to go outside. These snow-suits can be worn over baby’s usual clothes and easily removed once you go back into the warm – may it be your own home or a coffee place to warm up your own hands!

This parent’s guide gives a few simple tips on what to consider when buying baby’s snow suit.

* Size *

Babies grow very quickly. Newborn outfits often are too small for a new baby as average sizes continue to increase. In order to get good wear out of the new and possibly not cheap garment it is recommended to buy slightly bigger clothes.

E.g. for a newborn it is worthwhile purchasing a snowsuit fitting babies from 0 – 3 months. For a 2 month old baby – unless it is very small – it is worthwhile buying an outfit suitable for 3 – 6 month old infants. This way you’ll be able to get a few months extra wear out of the garment.

As the snowsuit is worn over your baby’s indoor clothes it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit snugly from day one and don’t forget to consider the clothes baby will wear below! Your little one will grow into (and out of) the snow suit quicker than you think.

When considering the size it is also important to think of the season. When is it likely to be cold enough for your baby to wear a snow suit? And how old will your baby be then? It is so tempting to buy clothes that would fit your baby now, but if the cold is only expected in a couple of months’ time your baby might already have outgrown the brand new purchase.

* Material *

Snow suits can vary in thickness of the material used. You will have to make a judgment of how cold it is likely to be where you live – best use yourself as a guide, i.e. are you okay with a light winter coat or don’t you leave the house in thermal underwear and snow suit yourself? You also need to consider if you plan to be outdoors for many hours or just for quick walks.

Based on this you can decide if you need to buy a very thick material or a lighter snow suit. Very thick clothes might be very warm but your baby might not like the heaviness and being restricted in its movement. If you are not sure a snow suit with a removable liner might be the ideal option. You can keep the baby warm but if she gives signs of being too warm you can quickly adjust the clothing to achieve a more appropriate body temperature.

Apart from the thickness of the material you also need to consider if it is machine washable. As outerwear worn in the worst of weathers, with mud, ice and snow everywhere around you snow suits might become dirty quite easily and you don’t want to hand wash the item after every single trip out. A darker color might also be helpful in keeping your workload down.

* Closing mechanism *

Babies and toddlers alike are not very patient when you try to dress them warmly for the winter weather outdoors. A snow suit with many individual and tiny buttons can results in a lot of wriggling and possibly screaming whilst a simple zip or Velcro fastener could give you a lot more control. It is worthwhile trying various closing mechanisms and fasteners to see what you find easier and quicker to handle. And once your baby becomes more independent you should also consider what he or she is able to handle himself without getting frustrated.

You should also keep an eye on that any fasteners are not in direct contact with baby’s skin and this can lead to irritation and frustration

* Hats and mittens *

Snow suits often come hooded and avoid having to put an additional hat onto your baby. Some snowsuits have even in-built mittens, either detachable from the snow suit or firmly attached to it. Detachable options give you more flexibility but either way it helps you to quickly put all your baby’s clothes on without having to fuss over a number of individual items and this can make your life a lot easier.

And lastly? Have fun shopping. Babies only stay little for a short period of time and buying a cute, if sensible snow suit can be a lot of fun!