Parenting well during after Work Hours

Being working parents comes along with big-time responsibilities – You have to show fairness to your job and to your family in the Middle East.In the Middle East countries, maternity leave lasts for 45 days for working women which is not a great deal considering you do not get enough time to bring yourself together, bond with your child and resume your personal life with your partner.

The worries increased as there was added pressure at work to get back on track quickly whilst your mind is half at home with the little one. The only relief of the day is that at 5pm you can go back to baby and husband. But hold on! trouble waits there as well. Upon reaching home, the moment the part time nanny hands over baby to you and leaves the home, the rest of the ordeal begins for you. A schedule had to be worked out to get everything in place. This is where I believe in ‘husband-logical’ power.

After work, at home we came to an understanding to go by the following order of doing chores at the same time spending quality time with our son. My husband who comes in from work before me would have his bath and refreshments before the nanny leaves our home. When I return, my husband takes charge of our son while I get refreshed and have a glass of milk. Then it is baby feeding time or shall we say ‘baby-bonding’ time. We share the private moment together – talking, cooing, singing and hugging whilst our head of the family watches his favorite game or talk show.

Once baby is purring happily in his cradle, I head to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Over dinner, we share our private time in talking about our day and discussing on other matters of concern. Clearing the table is my responsibility wherein doing the dishes is his along with taking the trash out. By now, our son had started to yearn for attention.

The second session of baby-bonding includes giving baby a warm water bath. This allows him to feel perfectly comfy for his night nap. After baby is fully fed and put to sleep, we as a couple get to spend quality time together before retiring to sleep.

Over the initial months, this routine has helped us tremendously not only in giving us our spaces but also in developing a discipline in our son’s life. Now that he is a toddler, he knows for sure that papa needs his bath after which papa plays with me. When mama returns from work, mama gets her bath and then she is mine. Whilst preparing dinner, my son chooses to either have a quiet play on his own or be in the living room with father or in the kitchen with me speaking away to glory in his own language. Dinner time includes our son as well now. Night bath for our son is now his game time as well because right after that he is tired out and sleeps off while being read a story or half.

For us as a family, the weekdays have now become more of disciplined living while the weekends are days for enjoyment, traveling, cleaning or playing or all combined. But the main and crucial point lies in analyzing efficiently on keeping the family bond alive rather poor analyzing that could lead to paralyze.