Parenting Tips how to Eliminate Childrens Whining

Many parents have uttered the refrain “would you like some cheese with that whine,” as their child carries on about one thing or another in a high pitched, nasal tone that makes them want to crawl under the table.  Whining seems to be a way of life for many children.  In fact, it is one problem that seems not to be relegated to just a select few like so many other disciplinary problems.  As a result, it can leave parents wondering how to handle it.  Just like any other problem with discipline, it can be overcome with time and patience.

The most important rule to follow when it comes to whining is not to give in.  Giving in may give you temporary relief from the whining, but it will make it more of a problem in the future.  This can be difficult when your child is whining for something and giving in would indeed get him/her to be quiet, and give you, as a parent, some moments of peace.  It is important in this case to think about the long term, and realize that giving in now will only lead to more problems down the line.

Try to identify the times that your child whines the most.  Whining may be a sign of an underlying problem, usually a temporary one, such as being over-tired.  In this case, it is best to separate your child from any kind of stimulation, and let your little one rest.  Even older children can be taught to take a nap or a time-out if they start to get that feeling that they have to be whining.  This can really help to reduce the whining and can help your child to learn self-discipline.

Does your child have a legitimate complaint?  While this may seem to go against not giving in to whining, it doesn’t have to.  If your child is whining because of being cold, or hungry, or uncomfortable in some way, this is a time that you should give in at least a little bit.  Often, the whining isn’t even about what is making them uncomfortable, so you really are not giving in when you give them what they need.  Other times, they may be saying that they need something, and this is not to be ignored.

Whining is one of the hardest behaviors to get rid of completely, but you can reduce it by making sure that your child’s needs are always met, making sure they get the proper amounts of rest, and making sure that you do not give in to unreasonable requests.