Parenting Teens

I am an adventurer. More than anything else in life, thrill, excitement, adrenaline, and the non-mainstream really get me going (and I mean going). However, I am also a college student, which of course means, I’m broke.

One day I met another adventurer who just happened to also be very very good looking. After a few flirtatious encounters and a few “normal” dates we decided it was time to adventure together. We decided to go driving.

Driving fast on winding roads is one of my favorite past times. Driving also opens the door for spontaneity. You never know when you’re going to see the perfect climbing tree, an unexplored abandoned building, or some unimaginable phenomenon that makes you wet your pants. So I was thrilled when he suggested driving, and we packed an “adventure bag” (complete with water, toothpicks, duct tape, and blankets) and headed out.

After cruising a while we made a turn towards downtown and found our way to the top of the parking garage where Mr. Adventure worked. One thing led to another, and before I knew it we were climbing over the top of the garage and standing on the service bridges (right next to the “Authorized Personnel Only” signs). We hopped across onto the roof of the adjacent building and stood with Austin at our feet. The sounds of drunken college students drifted up to us at our perch on top of the world. We stood (Titanic style) at the corner of the building surveying our domain.

It was the most romantic thing I had done. I was perched atop a building with someone whose adventuresome nature rivaled my own, looking out at an amazing city in a way that almost no one else ever had.

Today, to do this, wouldn’t be so cheap. At the time, gas was still less than $3.00 a gallon and so on the whole we had an amazing time, building hopping and playing on the huge ventilation fans on top of the garage, without having to take out any more student loans. Now, though, I imagine you might think twice before going on a random drive and wasting gas on what may or may not be a romantic evening. But than again, to an adventurer, isn’t it worth the risk?