Parenting Teens

The teenage years for boys can be an exciting time: it is a phase in life that is full of both mental and physical change. It is no wonder, then, that your teenage boy will probably need help when it comes to dating for the first time. Although it can be a difficult subject to approach, it is an important one that requires parental help and involvement. So, if you want to prepare your teen boy for dating, the following may be of value:

1. Manners

Even if your teen boy already knows his manners, you have to prepare him well the night (and the day) before his first date. Have a mock session; pretend that you are his date, then set the setting. Pretend that you are at dinner, and you are waiting for the check. Ask your teen boy what he would do in this situation. What kind of conversation should he begin? Would he allow his date to pay for dinner? How would he behave once the dinner ended? What would happen after the dinner? Having good manners is especially important during a date.

During the date, be respectful of her space and her guidelines. If she does not like to be touched, then respect her wishes. At the same time, your teen boy should naturally “be himself.”

2. Speaking well

Having the ability to speak well is equally important, too. Your teen boy must learn how a teen girl thinks (or at least partially learn, if it is almost impossible to completely do so). A teen girl wants her date to be polite, and to answer her questions the way she wants them to be answered. So, again, pretend that you are the date, and ask your teen boy some questions: What do you like to do? is a good question to start a conversation with.

3. Keep her interested

Teach your teen boy how to keep a person of the opposite sex interested. Dating is a crucial part of the male-to-female connection; in fact, dating is perhaps one of the best ways that two people can learn about each other. However, if your teen boy’s date does not seem interested anymore during the date itself, you should teach your teen boy to let her go. There is no use in being around a person who is not fully interested in you.

The best thing that you can teach your teen boy for dating is that there are plenty of fish in the sea. If this date does not work, assure your young man that there are many more dates to come. The key thing that he should remember is to date the right girls for the right reasons.