Parenting Teens

Every parent wants his or her child to succeed academically. The high school years are especially important, since the grades and activities achieved and done during this time are used to determine one’s eligibility for college. However, encouraging your teen to excel academically may sometimes be a difficult task. The following tips may be of help:

1. Parent involvement

High school requires parental involvement. The grades that your child will earn at this time will be important for college. So, encourage your student to excel academically by being active in his or her schoolwork. Ask him or her daily about his/her homework. Give your teen a planner, if he or she does not already have one, and ask your teen to keep a record of the assignments that he/she needs to do. At a designated time of the afternoon, ask your child for the planner and see if all the required activities have been completed.

2. Career choices

Ask your teen what he or she is thinking about doing after college (or for career options). Have him/her write those choices down. Then, ask your teen what he/she thinks that he/she has to do in order to have at least one of those careers. One of the first steps to attaining those goals is to finish high school and college with flying colors.

If your teen does not know what he/she is going to do after college, compile a list of possible careers. These careers cannot be attained if one does not finish high school. Then, make a list of people who make a lot of money but have done so because they went to school.

3. Rewards

Though rewarding your child for academic achievement can sometimes be bad, rewarding your child for doing so occasionally can be a good thing. Rewards are often great motivators and will pull your child through school. However, even simple rewards are good enough (since “reward” does not necessarily mean money). Simple rewards such as praise or going out to eat at a nice restaurant can be enough to encourage your teen to succeed academically.

Remember that the most important thing your teen will need in order to excel at school is your support. If you support your teen and encourage his/her dreams, then your teen will most likely succeed at whatever he or she intends to do, even in academics. So, give your teen plenty of praise and encouragement, and he/she will excel!