Parenting Teaching Children Values and Morals

The moral fiber of life is not just wearing thin; it is torn and tattered. The fabric of life, which was once considered exquisite and beautiful, has now become a filthy, frayed rag, unable to conceal the mess we’ve made of our society. Life, which was once more precious than any gem, has become nothing more than a mere stone which one can easily and readily pick up and cast into the ocean. Somewhere along the way the true meaning of life was lost. Somewhere along the way mankind made a wrong turn and continues on the descent to destruction.

In this day and age adolescent violence has become commonplace. Years ago, we may have been shocked to learn of a 12 year old who murdered his parents, or of a 14 year old who brought a gun to school and murdered half a dozen of her classmates. Today it’s a regular part of the evening news. Sometimes we’re still shocked at the extent of violence these children exhibit, but with each passing day and with each new horror story that surfaces, our shock subsides and our cynicism reigns.

From the Columbine killings, to gang violence, to groups of teenagers performing unimaginable acts of terror on their fellow peers…where do we draw the line? We’re no longer surprised when the criminals making the headlines are 15 or 16 or even as young as 12. But what about 6 years old? A 6 year old boy brings a gun to school and shoots his classmate. Accidental, perhaps, but where does a 6 year old get a gun? How is it possible for a child to not only get his hands on a loaded gun, but leave his house with it and take it to school? What’s next? Are babies going to come straight from the womb wielding weapons?

The birth of a child should be a reason to celebrate. When we think of children, we think of innocent little beings, untouched and unscathed by the desecration of the world around us. We view children as happy, optimistic, curious, creative, playful, imaginative, unbiased, and without prejudice. They are blank canvases, unsoiled by the paintbrush of a sinister culture. We don’t think of them as threats to society. We don’t think of them as having the power to possess hatred. We don’t think of them as violent criminals, deviants, or cold-blooded killers. We don’t think of them as drug addicts, rapists, or sexually promiscuous beings. The portrait of a child and the words I just listed do not coincide in most people’s minds. Unfortunately, the barrage of news stories tells us otherwise. How often do you pick up a newspaper or watch the news only to discover that once again a teenager has committed a heinous crime? How many times, when you’re out and about, do you encounter a teenager with a baby? A glance at the most recent statistics will easily reveal the increase in teenage alcoholism, drug abuse, pregnancy, crime, and suicide.

Childhood is a time of life that should be savored, cherished, and enjoyed. Only after we’ve reached maturity and have faced the trials and tribulations of adulthood, do we truly appreciate the simplistic joy we experienced in childhood. The children of today are overzealous in their quest to “grow up”. Before you know it, they’ve outgrown their toys, their dolls, their bikes, their dvd’s, their games, and instead reach for adult themes, like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, violent movies and video games, the Internet (from chat rooms, to cyber sex, to pornography) and guns.

I’m only one woman, and this is only my opinion, but I think this issue is of importance and needs to be given some serious attention by any and all loving, responsible parents. Let’s face it, the children of today are our future and that is an alarming thought!

What happened? Where did we go wrong? How do we amend the situation? How do we find our way back to the road of a caring and compassionate civilization? How can you, as a parent, ensure that your child won’t end up as a chapter in a book entitled “Babyface Killers”?

When our children were young we used wooden blocks with letters painted on them to teach them how to spell simple words. As they grow and their dexterity increases, we provide them with building blocks and teach them to build houses, towers, and villages… But whatever happened to the building blocks of morality? They seem to have been scattered, misplaced, pieces lost, and some have even been packed away in the attic, forgotten under layers of dust. As parents, it’s our responsibility to teach our children morals and values. Young minds are impressionable and as their primary caretakers it is up to us to mold these young minds and teach our children to be the best that they can be.

Like it or not, as a parent you are a role model. Children who grow up surrounded by hatred and prejudice learn hatred and prejudice. Children who grow up witnessing disrespect learn to be disrespectful. Children who grow up surrounded by violence become violent. Children who grow up around alcohol and drugs become abusers of alcohol and drugs. Children who are disciplined and respected learn discipline and respect. Children who are shown compassion and love become compassionate and loving. How you choose to raise your child not only affects your child and your child’s future, but everyone your child encounters throughout his or her journey in life.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a famous and respected author who teaches spiritual awareness and growth, as well as promoting peace. He claims that if you were to look at your body under a powerful microscope you would see that you are not a solid mass, but rather vibrating energy. The chair you’re sitting on, the floor beneath your feet, the trees outside your window…it’s all vibrating energy. Nothing is truly “solid”. Nothing is truly indivisible. We are all fields of energy, intermingling, and therefore we are all connected on a deeper level. Shouldn’t it be a common goal for mankind to live in harmony?

You may think that you, as one person, cannot change the world. That is where you are wrong. We, as human beings, are all bound together by invisible fields of energy. Our thoughts, our feelings, our actions are all expressions of energy tossed out into the universe. Whether you believe it or not, your thoughts, feelings, and actions affect others.

Most importantly of all, your thoughts, feelings, and actions have the greatest impact on your children. Your children learn by watching you. You pass your beliefs, your values, and your morals on to your children. While you cannot be with your child 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the entire course of your child’s life, you can instill your child with values and morals that they can carry with them throughout their journey on this earth. By feeding our children a diet high in values, respect for themselves and others, teaching them to embrace individuality, and to value this gift we call life, we will be raising a new generation of humanity who will fulfill their role in making this world a better place in which to live.

The immortal Michael Jackson couldn’t have said it better than when he sang, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” Positive changes start with you. We must provide our children with spiritual sustenance in order to give them the proper nutrition for their developing persona’s.

Peace, harmony, acceptance, faith, unity, and love….These are the building blocks of morality and these are the seeds every parent needs to plant in the fertile soil of their children’s hearts and minds.