Parenting Styles Strict Authoritarian Parents

Most people know that parenting styles vary from household to household. What some people might not realize is that it can also vary from parent to parent. One parent may have grown up with no rules, guidance, and discipline, while the other parent grew up with nothing but rules, guidance, and discipline and very little happiness.

Some parents may not understand that they need to be consistent with their parenting, so that the child or children will learn not only what is expected of them, but what is not acceptable as well. It is okay to be strict, as long as you do it in a loving manner for lack of better wording. It is not okay on the other hand, to be strict to the point where it borders on the line of being abusive.

Some parents may not realize that by disciplining your child, you are not only teaching them right from wrong, but you are also instilling in them parenting skills for when they are parents themselves one day. Some children when they have grown up in a strict or abusive household, might think that this behavior is appropriate or acceptable and continue the idea in their own household with their own children, but some people might realize that the life style that they have grown up in when it comes to discipline was abusive and they want to break the cycle of abuse and not put their own children through what they went through themselves as a child.

Another scenario that some people may not think about is, combined families. When you bring children in from previous relationships or marriages on both sides, depending on the ages of the children, they might already be used to their parents routine when it comes to discipline and if the new stepparent tries to implement their own form of discipline without talking to their spouse about what they have already taught their child, this could be a disaster waiting to happen. If the children are young enough, you might sit down with your new spouse or partner, and talk about how each party feels about proper forms of discipline. This way no ones toes will be stepped on.

The bottom line is that a parent can be a strict authoritarian, without it getting to the point where someone might misinterpret it as abusive behavior. The authorities are cracking down more and more on parenting techniques and what is appropriate and what is not.

Some people feel that spanking is pushing things too far. Back 50 years ago or so, some people used to use things such as rulers or belts to discipline their children. These methods are now being looked at as child abuse and if someone is caught using these methods, not only will the child be removed from their custody, but they could even face jail time depending on just how bad the abuse was and how long it had been going on before someone finally put a stop to it. It may not be long before authorities consider excessive yelling at a child to be child abuse that could be punishable by law.